Best Crossbow Broadhead Reviews 2019

Broadheads are the tip of an arrow which determines how deadly the arrow will be.  They are usually sharpened and at one time were made of organic materials or stone.  These projectiles have been found dating back to 64,000 years ago in the ancient caves of South Africa.

Broadheads, sometimes called arrowheads, are attached to the arrow shaft and shot from the crossbow.  They can be attached with hot glue or by sliding them over the end of the shaft.  Sometimes the tip of a shaft can be sharpened and used, but more frequently broadheads come as separate pieces.  They are typically made of metal or another hard material.

Top Crossbow Broadheads on the Market

Below are the top crossbow broadheads on the market today:

#1 Excalibur Boltcutter 3-Blade Broadhead Review

This broadhead is designed for high speed hunting crossbows.  Even at extreme range, it is very accurate when used with the right type of arrow.  The Boltcutter is designed with high strength stainless steel which enables it to endure the hardest hit and deliver maximum performance.  The 3-pack broadheads are 150 grain, 1-1/16”.

Excalibur tested speeds of the broadheads and found that with speeds over 300 fps, down range accuracy decreased at distances over 25 yards when 100-grain broadheads were used.  To solve this problem they increased the “front of center” balance on the arrow.  To do this they could increase the broadhead weight, or increase the front insert weight.  They opted to increase the weight of the broadband.  This provides the option of using lightweight mechanical broadheads which give maximum speed, or Boltcutter broadheads which provide accuracy and durability with their arrows.

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#2 G5 Outdoors Montec Broadheads Review

The Montec is a one piece design constructed with 100% stainless steel with 100% spin-tested accuracy.  There are no parts to put together or replace; you just screw onto the shaft and it’s ready to shoot.  This broadhead also includes a cut-on-contact tip, and diamond cut sharpness.  Three broadheads with a cutting diameter of 100 grain – 1 -1/8” come in a pack. The 60-degree angle tapered blade can be re-sharpened and re-used.

G5 products go through a rigorous testing process. The steel design of this broadhead provides greater impact strength, and the spin testing helps gauge the straightness which is key to grouping and flight characteristics. The tapered blade edge lessens bending and twisting. The blades are developed using MIM technology which is metal injection molding. This is a type of heat treatment which bonds particles to increase strength and density, making the blade stronger and more aerodynamic.

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#3 Rage Crossbow X 2-Blade Broadhead Review

Rage is leading the industry with their mechanical broadheads.  One characteristic of most mechanical broadheads is that they have increased cutting diameter which causes more tissue damage.  The Crossbow X is one of the most lethal broadheads on the market. It delivers improved flight at longer distances and has a 2-inch plus cutting diameter. This broadhead has been designed to perform well with crossbows that often produce speeds up to 400fps.

Another feature of this broadhead is its tapered high-strength aluminum alloy ferrule which uses Ferrule Alignment Technology (F.A.T.).  Engineers at Rage designed the contours of these broadheads to perfectly match the inserts in standard crossbow bolts.  This improves the speed, aerodynamics, and energy further downrange.

 A Shock Collar blade retention system recently patented by Rage was designed to ensure that the blades are not prematurely deployed.   You won’t have any problem recognizing the Rage Crossbow X with its bright orange ferrule.  It also comes with tough razor-sharp.035-inch stainless steel blades, and includes a free practice head. The Rage Crossbow X is specifically designed for use with crossbows.

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Main Types of Broadheads and Their Use

The three types of broadheads are removable blades (designed so that the blade can be replaced), fixed blades (all one), and expandable blades (blades open only when the arrow hits the target).

  1. Removable blade broadheads are nice because you do not have to replace the entire broadhead, but only the blade if it gets damaged.
  2. The fixed blade is the most common blade.  It generally has a heavy, chisel-like point meant to penetrate a tough hide, and the razor-sharp blades are designed to slice through for rapid blood loss.  This blade is considered the sturdiest of the three types.  It is designed so that all of the energy goes directly into the target.
  3. Expandable blades have become very popular; however, hunters feel like the extra energy required to open up the blade after penetration, takes away from the energy upon impact.  One of the features of an expandable is that the blades are tucked during flight which eliminates the problem with planing that fixed blades often have.  Planing happens on fixed blades because the blade is usually flat and planes in the air which can slightly throw the arrow off course.

There are different categories of broadheads based on their function.

  • Blunts are unsharpened and often used for target practice or shooting small game. The objective is to simply stun the target without full entry.  Blunts are mostly made of hard rubber or metal.
  • Target points are shaped like bullets with a sharp point and they are made to penetrate the target, but not cause major damage.
  • Field points are like target points. They are mainly used for target practice and are designed so that they do not get stuck in the target.  The lack of sharp edges means that you cannot hunt game with them because they cannot kill an animal quickly. The tip is just pointed enough to dig deep, but not destroy.  Field points are normally screwed into the front of the arrow shaft.

Be sure to use the proper weight when selecting broadheads.  Manufacturers will always recommend a weight for you.  It is important that you follow that so that you do not cause damage or malfunction of your crossbow.