Best Crossbow Sling Reviews in 2019

Slings are an ideal way to carry your crossbow hands-free and comfortably.  They keep the bow from falling and enable the shooter to relax the hand.  It should make your bow quick and easy to access without any obstruction. Crossbows are heavier than the average bow, and a sling provides the capability of keeping the bow in the ready position without tiring out the shooter. When the shooter’s hand is able to relax, aim accuracy becomes greater.

reviews-of-the-best-slings-for-crossbowsThe most important things to look for when selecting a crossbow sling is how easily it moves, comfort, weight, and durability.  Nylon straps are generally better in a sling because they tend to remain durable when exposed to mildew, moisture, and other elements that come with changing seasons.  They are also comfortable.  Many of these slings are heavy duty to accommodate the weight of a crossbow.

Several of the slings on the market come in camouflage print which is ideal for hunters who do not want to be seen while stalking their prey.  Some slings come with swivels which provide more range of motion.  Be sure to choose a sling that is durable as well as lightweight.  This will make the sling less cumbersome and it won’t break the first time that you use it.

Top 3 Highest Ranked Slings for Crossbows

Below are the top 3 best crossbow slings available on the market today. You can’t go wrong with one of these.

#1: Excalibur Padded Sling Review

The strap on this sling is padded with sturdy camo fabric which you can hook up to your crossbow for easy portability and comfort.  The straps are nylon and the sling also features quick-detach swivels. The material on the underside of the sling keeps it from moving around on your shoulder.  Dimensions of the Excalibur are 19 x 5.5 x 1 inches.

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#2: Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling Review

Barnett’s Talon crossbow sling is highly durable and is adjustable from 32 inches to 40 inches.  It features extreme grip padding and is highly durable.  This sling is made specifically for Barnett crossbows.  The extreme grip prevents bouncing, sliding and squeaking in bad weather.  The Talon crossbow sling allows your favorite crossbow to quickly and quietly release without using any tools.  The sling also comes with swivels.

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#3: Allen Company Crossbow Sling Review

This crossbow sling is made from neoprene.  Neoprene is a combination of synthetic rubbers which maintain flexibility in many temperature ranges.  It is often used for electrical insulation, orthopedic braces, laptop sleeves, and automobile fan belts. It provides comfort even while wearing the sling all day in the field.  The sling has a non-slip back and swivels. This sling has a slotted kisser button which is more comfortable on the lip. A kisser button is a small rubber disc which is attached to the bowstring above the notching point.  It is generally used as an anchor point when the bow is fully drawn. The soft durable material helps prevent bowstring noise.

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