Parker Compound Bows, Inc.  was founded in 1984 by Robert Errett who is still CEO of the company.  The company is one of the largest manufacturers of crossbows and compound bows worldwide.  Errett started working in the industry in 1975 with Bear Archery Company.  Not only was he an employee, but he became friends with Fred Bear.  Errett spent a week each year at Bear’s hunting camp in Michigan.

Errett learned a lot from Bear including excellent customer service and attention to quality.  He left the Bear Company in 1984 to start his own business which he called Nationwide Archery. The company grew quickly and became a major crossbow bolts/quarrels manufacturer and archery supplier for the next 17 years.  The company turned its focus to manufacturing compound bows in 1996 and merged into Parker company in 2003. There are over 1200 retailers who sell Parker Bows today.

In 2002, Parker developed a line of crossbows that were lighter weight  and better balanced.  These crossbows have pushed Parker close to the top in sales.  The company has been named “The Fastest Growing Manufacturer in Virginia,” by Virginia Business Magazine for two years in a row.  Also, INC Magazine honored Parker in two separate years,  as the 300th and 231st fastest growing companies in America.  It is rare that companies get these honors more than once.

Not only does this company manufacture quality bows and accessories, but they serve the community. In 2013, they raised over $20,000 for the HFTH (Hunters for the Hungry) program.  In 2014 the money was used to serve 1.3 million venison meals at food banks throughout Virginia. Parker has been an active supporter of this program for the past 10 years.

Top 3 Parker Crossbows on the Market

There are three attributes that go along with the Parker name – unmatched customer service, amazing performance and highest quality.   Below are some of the awesome products that Parker has unleashed on the market.

#1 Parker X115-PS Gale Force Reviews

Just looking at this crossbow gives you a sense of how treacherous it can be.  This crossbow has Parker’s Advanced Split Limb Technology.  Split limb means the limb is split into two parts and held together by some sort of bracket at the V shape. When the bow is drawn, the parts of the limb flex together as if the limbs were not split.  This technology helps keep the limbs from cracking where the axle is attached (at the V). Split limbs are known to lessen weight  and distribute and transfer energy more evenly, from the bow to the arrow.

The Gale Force Crossbow also has an integrated Fulcrum Pocket System that makes it more compact and convenient.  This bow can shoot at over 350 feet per second.  It is optimally balanced and ultra-lightweight to help give you a steadier aim. The Gale Force has an Anti-Vibration and Shock System that is designed to reduce noise and vibration, making it possible to conceal your presence.  Parker’s Exclusive Synergy Cams decrease the effort it takes to cock the crossbow by over 50%. This crossbow also comes with four arrows quick detach quiver, four high velocity RED HOT arrows with field points, Premium RED HOT Optic, and a sling.

Auto-safety engage on this bow is for left or right handers.  Auto-engage also features an anti  dry-fire mechanism. Gale Force also features  an adjustable vented forearm for comfort, and adjustable AR styled stock with checkered pistol grip.

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#2 Parker X225-MR BlackHawk Review

This bow is considered one of the fastest, most compact , and lightest crossbows on the market.  The Blackhawk, with its Spider Web Black finish, harnesses a fierce power all in a lightweight crossbow that is easy to maneuver.  The BlackHawk also uses the Advanced Split Limb Technology with Integrated Fulcrum Pocket System.  It can shoot an arrow downrange at over 320 fps. The Bull-Pup trigger and ergonomically designed pistol grip make this bow easy to handle ground blind or in a treestand.

The BlackHawk has an EZ pull system that takes less effort to cock.  Cocking is reduced by over 50 percent when you put this together with the RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker.  Also included with this crossbow are four-arrow quick-detach quivers, four arrows with field points, and you have the option of three optics packages – a 3×32 multi-reticle scope, an illuminated 3×32 multi-reticle scope, or an illuminated 1X multio-reticle scope.  This crossbow is manufactured in the United States and is backed by Parker’s warranty.   You should only use Red Hot or Parker Hunter Arrows with Parker Crossbows regardless of whether you use broadheads or target points..

The BlackHawk also has a vented forearm with a safety finger flange for maximum balance, and an ambidextrous safety.

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#3 Parker CenterFire Review

The CenterFire shoots arrows at 335 fps.  The features on this crossbow are high-end and usually found in crossbows which cost way more than this one.  Features include full comb for solid cheek weld, dual string suppressors, thumbhole pistol grip design, Advances Split Limb Technology, short, lightweight design.  It also has a soft-touch finish, and a factory installed anti-vibration and shock system which lessens noise and vibration.  In addition, the Parker Exclusive Synergy Cams provide excellent performance and decrease the cocking effort by over 50 percent, when used along with the Roller Rope Cocker.

A few safety tips when using this crossbow – the cock vane should be in a downward vertical position in the track; the nock groove should be horizontal with the string.  Before shooting, inspect the arrows and nock for damage.  Make sure that the nock is properly aligned and there is full contact with the string.  You should only use moon nocks or capture nocks with this product.

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