You do not have to wait for the right weather and open water to begin fishing. By buying the best ice flasher, you will ensure that your fishing trip is successful even in the winter. Basically, ice flasher is designed to help fishers locate their targets instantly regardless of water depth and environmental condition. You simply have to drill a hole using your auger, opening a water section, and use your ice flasher in the hole. With the accurate measure of sonar waves, you can easily mark points where most fish thrive, saving you a ton of time and effort.

Choosing the right ice flasher for the money requires careful consideration as you want to avoid compromising quality over cost. To make your purchasing decision easier, we have pre-selected and reviewed top 5 best-rated ice flashers. Choose any of them, and you will ensure that your winter fishing trips pay off.

Check The Best Ice Flasher

Summary: Top 5 Ice Flashers

ModelKey FeaturesEditor's Rating
Vexilar GP1812 FL-18 Ice-Ducer- Built-in transducer
- Semi-enclosed battery compartment
- Auto zoom mode
- Solid display
- Five depth scales
Lowrance Elite-3X All-Season Fish Finder- Applicable for day and night use
- Simple menu controls
- Easy switch between frequency views
- LED screen
- Quick Zoon
MarCum LX-5 TrueColor Ice Fishing Sonar System- Dual beam transducer
- SuperFine resolution
- Adjustable zoom mode
- 12-level interference rejection
- Three-stage digital charging system
Garmin STRIKER 4 Fishfinder With GPS- CHIRP sonar transducer
- High-sensitivity GPS
- EchoMAP Chartplotter
- Boat speed tracker
- Upgradeable CHIRP technology
MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/ Camera System - Underwater camera
- Customizable dashboard displays
- Integrated digital video recorder (DVR)
- Optional high-speed transducer
- Protective SnowShield

Advantages of Finding the Top Ice Flasher

There is an ultimate reason why you should look for the best ice flasher – to reap its utmost benefits. Here are the most important criteria that will justify the product’s usefulness:

See Below the Surface. Using a flasher will allow you to view your jig and its movement. Also, you will be able to measure the height of jig lifting and the species’ location. For instance, as fish comes in close proximity, the jig will either be a red or yellow line.

Study the Fish Activity. You can examine the area better by having a better visibility of the water column area. Regardless of your fishing depth, you can use the adjustable zoom feature of your ice flasher.

Be Prepared. Always. Ice flashers are very easy to maintain. You simply need to clean it with a damp cloth and charge its battery. You will always find it convenient to fish anywhere even at the unexpected time.

What to Look For When Buying Best Ice Flasher

There are certain considerations to take into account when picking and purchasing the most suitable ice flasher. To keep your selection wise, both in functionality and value, here are aspects to take note of:

Transducer. This feature is responsible for generating and collecting signals, particularly sonar waves. Look for a good quality transducer to pinpoint fish under the ice at once.

Portability. You should select an ice flasher that is mobile, which will not lug through the ice. Alongside the unit, the battery should also be compact. This will provide you convenience in storing the ice flasher and its power source even in a small carry case.

Data Representation. At present, you will find flasher units with either graphical or textual detail of what is underneath the surface. Both have pros and cons, so it is best to get both options in the same unit. Also, do not take for granted resolution of the screen. Invest in a high-resolution screen for clear and crisp data.

Cone Size. Find an ice flasher that is wide enough to provide you details of what is under the surface and around you.

Power. You should look for ice flashers with higher power (i.e. in wattage) to secure better performance. Power is also synonymous to stronger sonar waves.

How to Use an Ice Flasher Effectively

Once you have selected the right ice flasher to use, you should also learn how to operate it accordingly. Here are some tips that will help:

Place It Properly. Once the unit is on, you should either put the transducer at or under the ice edge.  However, newer releases can read through the surface more efficiently.

Set the Bottom Depth. Best reading is achieved if you set the deepest measure to the existent depth. For instance, if your present depth is 37 feet, you should set it at 40.

Get More Gain. The gain represents the transducer’s power generation.  If you are fishing at an abstruse area, you should seek for more gain. Turn it up until you obtain more interference. Move the settings in reverse gradually until a clear screen is visible.

Ice Flasher Reviews: Top 5 Best Models

#1 Vexilar GP1812 FL-18 Ice-Ducer Review

The ice flasher is designed for long-lasting use. It boasts a redesigned battery compartment paired with a holder system for the transducer.  Its power source requires 12 volts to function, whereas its battery consumes seven amperes.  The flasher is set for instant utilization for fishing since it ships pre-configured. Unlike other fishing flashers, it has a patented split screen display, allowing you to get real-time data for pan fish, bass, and walleye fishing under the ice or open water.

You can use the tool to zoom in as deep as six feet under the surface. Regardless of the strong waves, the transducer stays at the bottom firmly with the help of its lock feature. Other significant features of the product are its depth finder, target ID of less than 0.5 inches, and scales of up to 200 feet for the standard model.

Pros: Easy to understand controls, covers more depth, real-time and accurate data, long-lasting battery, compact construction

Cons: Unimpressive aesthetics

#2 Lowrance Elite-3X All-Season Fish Finder Review

This is an easy-to-use fish finder that features sonar technology for versatile utilization. Its high-quality transducer comes with a mount represented by a suction cup for convenient handling while fishing. Simply fixate it in your small boat while concentrating on locating fish around. Regardless of fishing in day or night, its LED screen will deliver high-quality graphics at 320 by 240 pixels. Fish targets are also easier to identify with the help of its broadband technology.

Apart from fish location, the portable pack will also keep you posted on structure details, bottom structure, thermoclines, and even hardness of the surface below.  Its cone size can provide you a coverage of as much as 60 degrees. This gives you power when checking out larger fish columns and arches. The product ships with a power source, utility drawers, and accessory storage.

Pros: Works on varying ice depths, easy to use controls, wide cone size, straightforward graphical details, highly portable

Cons: Requires little tuning

#3 MarCum LX-5 TrueColor Ice Fishing Sonar System Review

This is another considerable ice fishing flasher. It provides both open water and ice fishing support. It comes with a screen resolution that produces crispiest graphical data powered by the TrueColor display. Apart from its superior display, it has a precision feature that can produce up to 0.75-inch target isolation. The flasher also ships with both an automatic charger and rechargeable battery.

For a high-quality penetration under the surface, it has an ice fishing technology working at 2,500 watts. You may also utilize to cover what is under the water anywhere with its patented zoom-in feature. For an accurate indication of fish presence, it also has eight and 20 angle options for shallow and deep water evaluation. In a single touch, you may change from one angle cone to another. To get rid of interference from other sonar units, it has a 12-level rejection feature.

Pros: Comes with snow shield, crisp screen definition, effective interference rejection, easy to use controls, nice carry case

Cons: Difficult to reach battery connections

#4 Garmin STRIKER 4 Fishfinder With GPS Review

The product comes with an easy-to-use location tracker or GPS, which will help you mark and go back to docks, ramps, and hot spots among others. Additionally, it features a sonar transducer that works at 77/200 kilohertz (KHz). It generates uninterrupted and accurate data, providing you a better view of the water below and the surrounding area.  You can even designate the waypoints by looking through sonar images history. Apart from finding a location where most fishes are, you may even check the speed of your boat.

It is ideal for ice, kayak, and canoe fishing since it is highly portable. Its battery comes with a charger and sealing for protection. Your transducer can even be mounted conveniently with the aid of suction cup. This flasher provides more accurate data since it does not only emit one single frequency. Instead, it produces a series of frequencies with varying levels, specifically from high to low.

Pros: Useful in returning to marked spots, easy to set up, handy GPS, measures boat speed, affordable

Cons: Instructions must be downloaded

#5 MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/ Camera System Review

The ice fishing flasher is designed with LCD display and powerful sonar system. It provides real-time graphics and dynamic information of fish location. You will get a great advantage even on the ice. Alongside its crisp and high-resolution screen, it has a widescreen graph, easy to read textual, and selectable fish views. You can also use its circular flasher and vertical zoom capacity to pinpoint your targets easily.

The transducer coverage of the tool is presented by its display with protection from other signals of nearby sonar units. By using this tool, you can instantly isolate opposite details, lure, and patterns for more successful fishing. You can even select from 8 and 20 degrees transducer modes. In a package of the product, you will get protective SnowShield and an automatic panner for the camera.

Pros: Quick response, multiple viewing options, allows graph history viewing, adjustable dual beam transducer, long-lasting battery

Cons: Reports of poor quality control


Considering the guidelines on buying an ice flasher, it is apparent that Vexilar GP1812 FL-18 Ice-Ducer is the winner of the round-up. Apart from the fact that Vexilar is a leading manufacturer of top quality sonar systems, the tool is very easy to use. Simply imagine getting smart data by just using three buttons. It comes with a split screen, advanced sonar system, wider coverage, and standard power in one. Regardless of the depth, it consistently provides target identification.

In case you prefer a different product, you should simply ensure that aspects to consider on buying an ice flasher are considered.  Never settle for less when you can get a top performing ice flasher without spending a lot.

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