Good flashlights (Best Flashlight Under 50 USD) are ideal for many different circumstances and come with a wide price range. They are versatile, and you can find an abundance of different features, such as brightness levels, a rechargeable battery with a long battery life, being water resistant as well as providing various beam outputs (lumens). Flashlights are useful for around the house, office, garage, outdoor activities, and even for safety.

When considering which flashlight to purchase, you should keep the following in mind:

LED Bulbs: These bulbs have a long lifespan and never have to be replaced. They usually produce a nice and bright white light without the yellowish and washed-out glare of a regular bulb.

Ease of Use: Flashlights are always more useful when they are easily accessible. You don’t want to fumble around in the dark looking for your flashlight. There are many different sizes and styles for an array of situations. There are smaller ones that are convenient for everyday use and comfortably fit in your pocket. Also larger ones that come with lanyards, so they are still easy to carry and still accessible in case of an emergency. Finally, does the flashlight have different lighting modes? How easy is it to switch between these modes?

Durability: You want to find a flashlight that is durable and strong. It is something you will want to last you for a while, and if it breaks the first time it is dropped, then it probably doesn’t pass the durability test.

Batteries: What kind of batteries does the flashlight use? Are they standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable? A more economic and affordable option would be to find a flashlight that utilizes rechargeable batteries, but keep in mind that if the batteries die you will have to wait for them to recharge. Standard batteries can be popped out and replaced right away, as long as you have fresh batteries to hand.

Affordability: Always remain within your set price point. More expensive flashlights do not necessarily mean that they are better; always judge a flashlight based on the brand. Flashlights made by top manufacturers like Streamlight, Maglite, and Energizer, usually have consistently positive reviews.

The following flashlights are some of the best by top named brands and are all affordable. They can all be purchased under the $50 price point.

1. Maglite LED 2-Cell D Flashlight

maglite led 2-cell d flashlight image

The Maglite LED Flashlight is made with superior quality craftsmanship and features weather-resistant seals. It is drop and water resistant and is reliable and durable. It also has a powerful projection beam that can be focused by rotating the head and it has balanced optics with a refined reflector and a quality LED.

PriceItem DimensionsItem WeightMax Output (lumins)Beam DistanceRun Time
Under $35.0011.3” x 3” x 3”8 oz168 lm412 m6 hours, 45 minutes


  • Drop and water-resistant
  • Diamond knurled design
  • Powerful projecting
  • Weather-resistant seals
  • Durable and reliable


  • Bigger than expected
  • Warranty is less than desirable

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2. Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight

streamlight polytac led flashlight image

The Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight has C4 LED technology inside of a deep reflector to produce a far-reaching targeting beam and optimum peripheral illumination. It features high, strobe, and low settings and uses solid state power regulation to provide maximum light output for the lifetime of the battery. It is constructed from high-impact nylon polymer for durability, as well as grip texture for slip resistance.

PriceItem DimensionsItem WeightMax Output (lumins)Beam DistanceRun Time
Under $50.009.6” x 4.6” x 0.3”4.5 oz275 lmUnknown3 hours


  • Solid State regulation
  • Indestructible nylon polymer frame
  • Tail cap push button
  • Waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Three different modes
  • Three-meter impact resistance tested


  • Unreliable power button
  • Does not use rechargeable batteries

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3. Nitecore P12 Precise Tactical Flashlight

nitecore p12 precise tactical flashlight image

The Nitecore Precise Tactical Flashlight has a peak beam intensity of 13,500 cd and a side switch that allows easy access to all of its functions and allows for one-handed use. There is a power indicator that displays the battery voltage and an intelligent memory function that stores your preferred brightness setting. This flashlight is ideal for military, law enforcement, and security personnel.

PriceItem DimensionsItem WeightMax Output (lumins)Beam DistanceRun Time
Under $50.001” x 5.47” x 1”3.2 oz1000 lm253 yards6 hours up to 520 hours depending on setting being used


  • Peak beam intensity
  • Side switch interface
  • Power indicator display
  • Intelligent memory function
  • Waterproof
  • Impact resistant


  • Faulty switch
  • Nitecore customer service and warranty are less than desirable
  • Gets hot on highest lumen setting

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4. Outlite A100 Portable Ultra Bright Flashlight

outlite a100 portable ultra bright flashlight image

This Outlite Flashlight is one of the top sellers on Amazon and one of the most affordable. It features five different light modes and adjustable focus so that you can have an intense spotlight for longer ranges or a circle floodlight for larger areas. Also has a skid-proof and water-resistant design. It is the ideal flashlight for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

PriceItem DimensionsItem WeightMax Output (lumins)Beam DistanceRun Time
Under $20.006.1” x 1” x 1.6”5.3 oz300 lmLong range up to 600 feetUnknown


  • Adjustable focus
  • Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Five different mode settings
  • High-efficiency booster circuit
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy


  • Some reported faulty switch functions
  • Not always dependable

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5. Solaray Pro ZX-2 Professional Series Flashlight

solaray pro zx 2 professional series flashlight image

This Solaray Pro Flashlight features a bright LED with an adjustable zoom focus lens and utilizes an XM-L T6 Cree Super-Silicon Carbide Single Die LED Chip. It has five different light modes including a high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS setting. Ideal for security, self-defense, camping, hiking, fishing, and use at home. It is also durable and water resistant with an aircraft grade aluminum body, a quality lens, and a premium tail switch.

PriceItem DimensionsItem WeightMax Output (lumins)Beam DistanceRun Time
Under $25.001.5” x 5.25” x 1.5”0.3 oz1200 lmUnknownUnknown


  • Low power consumption
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Vibration free
  • Shockproof
  • Made from aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Hardened anodized finish


  • Not water-resistant in deep water
  • No instructions included
  • Beam has yellowish tint

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There are several great options for flashlights that cost under $50.00. However, the price range varies considerably, depending on the features you most want to have and the situations you will be using it in, whether it is for self-defense, outdoor activities, or just for home use. If you require a rechargeable Li-ion battery with an incredibly long battery life as well as super high number of lumens though the brightest LED light, the price will obviously increase. The choice is yours.

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