If you have a Glock 19 for concealed carry, you have probably had difficulty finding an ideal holster.  Of course, the whole idea behind concealed carry is concealment.  For concealment, you need an IWB or inside the waist belt holster.  The problem is that putting a holster of this size in your waistband can be quite uncomfortable.  In addition, not all of them do a good job of concealing the weapon.  If others can see the outline of the gun, it defeats the purpose of an IWB holster.  However, the best IWB Glock 19 holsters have solved these problems.

Those that carry their Glock every day for years and years seem to be on the perpetual search for the perfect holster.  They continually buy one after another, losing more faith with each purchase.  They may feel that they will never find a comfortable, reliable, and durable option without breaking the bank.  I can assure you, there are good options out there.

Summary Table: Top 5 Best IWB Glock 19 Holsters

Editor's Choice: Hidden Hybrid HolstersQuality craftsmanship, adjustable, specifically for Glock, comfortable, tuck-inCost
The Relentless Ultimate Suede Leather IWB HolsterComfortable, inexpensive, fits multiple firearmsNo tuck, no reinforcement
The Relentless Defender Leather IWB HolsterCowhide, mouth reinforcement, comfortableCost, profile, no tuck
Fierce Defender Winter Warrior SeriesLow profile, sweat shield, specifically for GlockRough edges, plastic clip, no tuck
Belt Clip Concealed Gun Holster by American Mountain SupplyCost, pocket for extra clip, ambidextrousMaterial, no warranty, not as comfortable, no tuck


When buying an IWB holster, there are several points to consider.  Many gun owners have a ‘holster box’ full of models they have purchased but never use.  Before you make a purchase consider these priorities:

Profile – The whole point of an IWB holster is to conceal the appearance of the gun from other people.  Most good holsters are low profile and hide the gun well, but some miss the mark.

Overall size – You can consider larger two clip holsters for your Glock, or smaller one clip models.  The smaller ones tend to be more versatile, but not necessarily more comfortable.

Primary material – IWB holsters generally come in leather, suede, nylon, or kydex.  Each will have a different comfort level, durability, appearance, pliability, and thickness.  This is one of the most important factors for your holster.

Skin contact – Some holsters will have a sweat shield that completely protects your skin from contact with the firearm.  Others will allow some metal to touch the skin.

Gun retention – One of the most important factors for a holster is gun retention. This is how well the holster holds the gun in place.

Pull – Pull is how easily you can draw the gun from the holster when in a hurry. It is one of the main functions of a good holster.

Mouth reinforcement – This feature is an addition to the structure that holds the mouth open so that you can easily reholster the weapon if needed.

Warranty – Many of these manufacturers stand behind their products for a lifetime.

Tuck – Some holsters are designed to allow you to tuck in your shirt, while others are not.  Depending on how you wear your shirt, this can be a huge priority or may not matter at all.

L/R or IWB/OWB – Some models are ambidextrous meaning that one holster can be worn on both sides of your body and both inside and outside of your waistband.  Others are more limited.


When you are buying an IWB holster, there are variables that ensure it will end up in the ‘holster box’ and never gets used.  If you want to really get some value for your dollar, here are some red flags to avoid:

Too large – An IWB holster that is too large will only fit on certain spots of your waistband because of the width.  It also may be uncomfortable if it is too tall.

Cheap material – Saving money is fine, but if you go too inexpensive on the material it will be uncomfortable and will wear out quickly.  Also, cheap materials might bleed when you sweat and stain clothing or your skin.

Poor gun retention – One of the most important factors in a holster of any kind is gun retention.  If you go to cheap, the gun may not remain secure.

Rough draw – Inexpensive holsters sometimes will catch on part of the gun as you draw.  This is dangerous, so beware of that.

No Tuck – If you always tuck in your shirt, ordering a no tuck holster is a complete waste.

Too Small – A really small holster will sometimes move around when you walk.  You want it to remain stationary if possible.

Rough edges – Any rough edges that could touch your skin will drive you crazy.  It needs to be refined and smooth.

Poor stitching – This is the fastest way a holster can fall apart.  Make sure the stitching is solid from day one.

Thick material/profile – If the holster is too thick, it will have a wide profile and disclose the shape of the gun through your clothing.

Skin contact – Some people insist on a sweat shield to protect their skin from any contact with metal.  Not all holsters have this shield.

Focus on appearance only – Some holsters are all about show.  These are the ones most likely to disappoint you.

Reviews of the 5 Best Glock 19 IWB Holsters

Editor’s Choice: Hidden Hybrid Holsters

This holster seems to combine all of the elements we look for in a good IWB holster.  The construction is made from a combination of kydex, leather, and suede.  This gives it the form-fitting, lightweight nature of kydex holsters.  However, the suede makes it more comfortable and the leather makes it more attractive. The suede also helps keep it from shifting when you move.

This holster has two adjustable clips allowing it to be comfortable with any belt and any pair of pants.  It also allows you to tuck in your shirt so it can be worn with any style of clothing. You can customize this holster by adjusting the retention screws for the perfect draw and hold.  This model is specifically designed for the Glock, so it is sure to fit perfectly.

The craftsmanship on this model is apparent from the first second you see it.  The materials are top notch and the stitching is impeccable. The holster is designed to completely protect your skin from any contact with metal.  The kydex has a reinforced mouth for easy reholstering. It also has an ideal low profile so nobody will know you are wearing a firearm.  One user even played basketball while wearing the holster with no issues.

This holster is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The manufacturer is quite confident in the quality of their product.  It is the most expensive of the holsters we reviewed, but for good reason.

Pros: Quality craftsmanship, adjustable, specifically for Glock, comfortable, tuck-in

Cons: Cost

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The Relentless Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster

The Relentless suede holster is a much more simple option.  It is a narrow, one clip holster that will fit anywhere. The suede construction allows the holster to be thin and pliable.  It forms well to the shape of the gun, and can work with several different firearms.  The suede is cool on the skin making it quite comfortable.  It allows for a clean draw every time.  The holster also does a great job of holding the firearm in place.  One user noted that it can be held upside down and shaken with zero movement from the gun. The thin suede also allows for a skinny profile that cannot be seen through clothing.

There are a few downsides to this holster.  It does allow some contact between skin and metal, so that may be uncomfortable for some.  The holster does not allow the shirt to be tucked. It has no reinforcement on the mouth, so reholstering is cumbersome.

That being said, it is a quality product.  The materials are solid and the stitching is ideal. It is made in the USA and also has a lifetime warranty.  This is also one of the most inexpensive holsters we reviewed.

Pros: Comfortable, inexpensive, fits multiple firearms

Cons: No tuck, no reinforcement

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The Relentless Defender Leather IWB Holster

This is another holster from Relentless and is another quality option. You can tell this manufacturer takes the time to focus on craftsmanship.  The design of this holster appears to be similar, but there are a few differences.  It is still a narrow, one clip holster.  It still holds the gun very securely, and can be molded to fit a few different firearms.

However, this holster is made of black cowhide which adds a gorgeous appearance.  It is thicker and more rigid, but also will likely last longer.  The stitching is flawless as we saw with the suede version.  The thicker material does give it a slightly wider profile than the suede holster.  It also has added reinforcement at the mouth to allow for quick and easy reholstering.

This holster still has a lifetime warranty and is still made in the USA.  It does not allow you to tuck in your shirt, and also allows some metal to touch the skin.  It is the second most expensive holster we reviewed, but with the beautiful cowhide and the mouth reinforcement, we feel it is worth the cost.

Pros: Cowhide, mouth reinforcement, comfortable

Cons: Cost, profile, no tuck

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Fierce Defender Winter Warrior Series

The Fierce holster is a kydex holster meaning it is lightweight and form fitted to the Glock.  The kydex gives it a super low profile and ensures the gun will fit securely every time.  It is a small, one clip holster so it does move a bit when you walk. However, users do not feel it moves enough to be a major concern. The holster has a sweat shield that completely protects your skin from any contact with metal. It is also adjustable allowing you to perfect the retention and cant.

However, the holster has a plastic clip for your belt.  It appears to be sturdy, but most users prefer a metal clip for durability.  It is also a no tuck holster. The biggest concern with this holster is that it has some rough edges.  We would expect a quality holster to be more refined and have these sanded down.  Plan on spending a few minutes with some sandpaper if you purchase this holster.

It again has a lifetime warranty so the manufacturer obviously has some faith in the kydex construction and the thickness of the plastic clip. It fell in the middle of our group for cost.

Pros: Low profile, sweat shield, specifically for Glock

Cons: Rough edges, plastic clip, no tuck

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Belt Clip Concealed Gun Holster by American Mountain Supply

This IWB holster is a nylon fabric construction.  Normally I am not a fan of this type of material as it is prone to fall apart faster, but users really liked this holster.  The key to this model is its versatility.  It is a small, one clip holster that can be used on either side of your body and both inside and outside of the waistband.  It fits several models of firearm and has a Velcro adjustment to ensure a perfect fit.

The holster is lightweight and sturdy with quality stitching throughout.  It is made in the USA and shows quality craftsmanship. It also comes with a tongue suppressor to unlatch the holster and adjust its placement on the fly.  It has an exterior pouch to hold and extra clip.  This holster was the least expensive of the holsters we reviewed.

However, it does tend to move a bit when walking.  I do not feel it is quite as comfortable as the other materials, and I still do not fully trust its durability.  It does not come with a substantial warranty.  The holster does not allow for tucking your shirt, and does not have a reinforced mouth for reholstering.

Pros: Cost, pocket for extra clip, ambidextrous

Cons: Material, no warranty, not as comfortable, no tuck

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We also found this great video on IWB holsters, that is quite helpful:


After reviewing these five holsters, we felt the best Glock 19 IWB holster was the Hidden Hybrid.  The combination of suede, leather, and kydex was ideal for several reasons.  It was comfortable, attractive, sturdy, and left a low profile.  The materials give the holster the best form fitting nature along with the highest level of comfort and durability.

This was the only holster that allows the user to tuck in a shirt, and it also has a sweat shield to protect the skin from any contact with metal.  It has a reinforced mouth so you can easily reholster your weapon when needed.  Despite being the most expensive holster we reviewed, it had the best combination of features and craftsmanship.

We hope this review helps you find the right holster for your needs.  Each user will have different priorities for an accessory like this, so use this information to find the holster that will actually get used and not end up in the ‘holster box’.  If you enjoyed this article, please comment below and repost on social media.  Also, please check out our other guides. Thanks!