I recently did a review of IWB or inside the waistband holsters for the Glock 19 and thought that it seemed difficult to find a quality option for a reasonable price.  Then I started looking at the Glock 26.  There were better options, but the choices were still not ideal.  It seems so easy to spend a great deal of money and come up with a holster that will never get used.  It is simply tough to find a manufacturer that knows how to comfortably fit this gun in your waistband.

Of course one of the main priorities for conceal and carry is to hide the outline of the gun under your clothes.  It does seem that most of the holsters out there have at least gotten this right.  However, comfort is a different story.  In addition, finding the right combination of durability and function can be tough.  In the end, it appears many people give up and spend too much hoping to buy their way into a solution.

I can understand the frustration that Glock 26 owners feel.  You purchase a quality firearm to protect yourself and your family, but cannot find a good solution to take it with you outside of your home.  Do not be discouraged.  There are quality options out there, and we have found some of them.  Please review the models we checked out, and hopefully, you will find one that works for your needs.

Summary: 5 Best Inside-Waist-Band Holsters for Glock 26

Editor's Choice: Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB KydexTuckable, comfortable, tight fit, very adjustable, invisibleNone
Multi Holsters EliteTight fit, adjustable, low profilePlastic clip, not tuckable
Hidden Hybrid HolstersSuede for comfort, tight fit, room for easy draw, tuckableCost, large, rides high
Black Arch Streamlight TLR-6 IWB Hybrid HolsterCurved back for comfort, Kevlar stitching, adjustablePoor retention, difficult draw
The Relentless Defender Leather IWB HolsterCraftsmanship, reinforced mouth, costNot tuckable, no sweat shield, thick profile

What You Need

When an accessory like a holster is hard to find and expensive, knowing what you need is important.  There are features that are superficial and features that are vital.  Here are some key points to consider:

Comfort – If a holster is not comfortable, you will not wear it… period.  Comfort is different for each person.  For some, this is related to the size and shape of the holster.  For some, it is more about the feel of the primary material on your skin.  For some, it is about keeping your skin from touching any metal.  Whatever your definition of comfort is, make it a priority.

Material – This is one of the biggest differences between the models you may choose, and in many ways, it is a personal preference.  The leather is stiff but durable.  Suede is supple and thin, but not as durable.  Kydex is form-fitting and lightweight, but not always comfortable.  Nylon is breathable and flexible, but cheap.  Decide on your material carefully.

Function – A good IWB holster must hold the firearm securely in place.  It must remain stationary and must allow for a smooth draw.  For some, it must allow for an easy reholster.

Profile – Any conceal and carry holster must conceal the appearance of the weapon.  This means it must be thin enough that people cannot see the weapon under your clothes.  It also means that it must allow you to tuck in your shirt if that is how you dress.

Versatility – For most people a holster that sits IWB on one side in one location is fine.  However, some people like to change it up.  I know gun owners that will place the firearm in three or four different positions both inside and outside the waistband depending on what they are wearing and where they are going.  For these people, versatility is key.

What You Do Not Need

When you look at people who purchase holsters that they do not use, there is often one common mistake.  They focus on features that do not matter.  It is easy to think that more is better, but often it is not.  Simplicity is key.  Find a holster that checks your key boxes on what you need and ignore the rest.  Here are some distractions that you can ignore:

Appearance – Who cares about the appearance of an IWB holster?  It is for conceal and carry.  That means that you are the only person who will ever see it, and this is typically when you put in on and take it off.  Appearance does not matter.

Fitting Multiple Firearms – Most gun owners have one primary conceal and carry weapon.  There is no legitimate reason to switch out to another firearm as long as your primary firearm is functioning.  By purchasing a holster that fits multiple guns, you ensure that it will not be a perfect fit for your specific firearm.  All you need is a holster molded perfectly for a Glock 26. If you need to carry another firearm, buy another holster for that model.

Pocket for Ammo – Let’s be realistic here. How often do you think a responsible conceal and carry gun owner unloads their entire clip and then needs to reload to keep shooting.  If you are realistic, almost every scenario requires only a few shots.  This is not an action movie. If you need more than one clip, go to the range and practice more.

Reviews of the Best Glock 26 IWB Holsters

#1 Editor’s Choice: Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex

For the Glock 26, I find this small, low profile Kydex holster to be the best value.  This single clip holster is ideal to keep your firearm invisible.  It has super thin material, and even the thin steel clip is designed to blend in.  It allows you to tuck in your shirt, so however, you wear your clothes you will be protected.  It is also comfortable enough that users forget they are wearing it.

One of the most repeated comments about this holster is regarding the fit and function.  Each holster is molded specifically to the Glock 26.  It fits so tightly that you will hear a gratifying ‘click’ when it slides in place.  It includes three adjustable ride height settings, 30 degrees of forward and 30 degrees of backward cant angle adjustment, and retention adjustment.  This gives you the perfect draw, hold, and reholster action every time. It is the widest range of adjustments we have seen in a holster.

The statements made by users were overwhelming on this model.  Most users stated that it is the most comfortable and most secure holster they had ever used.  There were several instances where buyers bought a second or third holster after seeing how nicely it works.  One user even said he made several modifications to his Glock 26 and it still fit snugly in his holster.

This holster also has a sweat shield to protect your skin from any contact with the metal of your firearm.  It was average in cost for the holsters we reviewed. The holster is also made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pros: Tuckable, comfortable, tight fit, very adjustable, invisible

Cons: None

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#2 Multi Holsters Elite

This holster is similar to the Vedder in many ways, which puts it high on the list.  It is also a kydex single clip holster that fits tight to the body.  It is very concealable due to its low profile.  It also has a sweat shield to protect your skin from any contact with the metal of the firearm.

The holster does have an adjustable retention, and the cant angle will adjust 15 degrees to one side.  This helps but is not nearly as nice as the adjustments available on the Vedder holster.  The gun fits tightly into the holster and still gives you a nice ‘click’ when it is in place. The holster is made in the USA but is not backed by a significant warranty.

Unfortunately, they went with a plastic clip for holding the holster in place.  It is a thick FOMI plastic that appears durable and locks in place, but plastic is plastic.  It also does not let you tuck in your shirt while wearing the holster.  The cost is about average for our group.

Pros: Tight fit, adjustable, low profile

Cons: Plastic clip, not tuckable

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#3 Hidden Hybrid Holsters

This two clip hybrid holster combines kydex, leather, and suede to give you elements from each material type.  The kydex keeps it light weight and low profile.  The leather gives it a sleek finish with more durability. The suede makes the skin contact more comfortable and holds the holster in place.  It allows a shirt to be tucked, but this is a holster that rides pretty high.  It requires loose clothing to be completely hidden.

The design of the Kydex is quite nice as it completely covers the trigger guard.  However, it still allows room for your index and middle finger to help guide your draw. You can adjust the retention screws to get a solid hold on your firearm.  It is also molded for the Glock to ensure a tight fit.

Whenever leather or suede is involved, the craftsmanship is a priority.  The stitching on this model is immaculate, and the materials are high quality.  The suede protects your skin from any contact with metal, and the Kydex is designed for easy reholstering.  It is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.  This is the most expensive holster we reviewed.

Pros: Suede for comfort, tight fit, room for easy draw, tuckable

Cons: Cost, large, rides high

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#4 Black Arch Streamlight TLR-6 IWB Hybrid Holster

This double clip kydex hybrid holster offers many of the features we desire.  It offers a low profile to keep it hidden while on your person.  The leather helps protect your body from contact with the firearm, and is high density for durability.  It also allows for users to tuck their shirts.

The Kydex is molded specifically for the Glock 26.  It has a fully adjustable cant angle, retention, and carry height.  One unique feature is the curve on the backside of the holster allowing it to form to your body for increased comfort.  It also has a flared mouth for easy reholstering.

The stitching is done with Kevlar, offering increased durability. The edges are beveled as well.  This holster is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.  However, the retention was noted as being average at best.  We felt that the firearm could have a tighter fit, especially with the adjustable retention.  In addition, those with a thick midsection (like myself) had a tough time drawing from this holster.

Pros: Curved back for comfort, Kevlar stitching, adjustable

Cons: Poor retention, difficult draw

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#5 The Relentless Defender Leather IWB Holster

This single clip holster is a thick leather option that checks several of our boxes.  The key to a leather holster is stitching, and this model has applied the right focus.  It is designed to fit several different firearms.  The thick leather makes the profile a bit more obvious than the other holsters we reviewed.  It also does not allow users to tuck in their shirt.  However, it does have reinforcement at the mouth for easy reholstering.

This holster does not have a sweat shield, so it allows for some metal to touch your skin.  However, it is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.  It also is the least expensive holster we reviewed.  If leather is your preference and you want to save some cash, this may be a good option for you.

Pros: Craftsmanship, reinforced mouth, cost

Cons: Not tuckable, no sweat shield, thick profile

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For the best IWB Glock 26 holster, we found the Vedder to be the best option.  For this particular firearm, the Kydex single clip holster has too many highlights to ignore.  In my mind, the fit and adjustability are the biggest features.  A holster that clicks when you insert your weapon is pretty reassuring.  In addition, the variety of adjustments that can be made on this holster is second to none.

This holster has some of the features that other Kydex holsters lack.  It is tuckable so you can tuck in your shirt while wearing your firearm.  Between this, the low profile, and the thin metal clip that hugs your belt tightly, this holster makes your gun practically invisible.  It is specifically molded to the Glock 26 to give it as small a profiled as possible.  It also has a sweat shield to ensure your skin never touches metal.

Of course, everybody will have their own personal preferences, but we hope that this guide has helped you pick the right option for yourself.  Think about what you need and what you do not, and take your time to make the right decision.  If this article has been helpful, please comment below and repost on social media.