Best Balisong Knives For Beginners

Balisong knives, also known as butterfly knives, are a type of folding pocket knife, which incorporates handles which hide the blade when closed, but can easily be swung open using their counter-rotating handles. They are commonly associate with other types of concealed pocket knives such as flick knives.

Originally developed in the Tagalog province of the Philippines, this type of knife historically served a dual purpose as a self-defense weapon and a common utility knife. It also had its uses as an alternative to the straight razor among other tasks. For the most part, however, it was used as a performance piece by many who wished to show off their adeptness with the blade.

Nowadays, Balisong knives are most commonly used for display. The flicking and swinging actions performed by users to open and close the knife are an impressive display of dexterity and are co-ordination. Of course, this is not to say that the Balisong is simply for show. Indeed, the Balisong knife still fulfills a variety of uses. However, this flipping is known as “manipulations” is probably the most notable modern use of the knife.

How Can You Learn To Use Balisong Knives?

Of course, as with many things these days, there are numerous instructional videos and blog posts all over the Internet, as well as entire communities dedicated to the practice of manipulations and the appreciation of Balisong knives. Because of this, learning the theory behind performing manipulations is surprisingly easy.

However, the main problem here is that Balisong knives have succumbed to the same fate as many other types of pocket knives, receiving bans in many countries due to their being concealed weapons. This means that the knives are difficult to get a hold of and could land you in trouble.

Another issue is that Balisong knives are extraordinarily sharp, and any mistakes, while practicing and learning manipulations, could lead to injury. Because of this, practicing manipulations requires what is known as a trainer.

The Black Metal Practice Balisong Butterfly Knife Trainer is a perfect solution to this problem. The trainer is designed to mimic a real Balisong knife in weight and balance, using real Steel as its core material. However, the blade is replaced by a blunt and non-pointed piece of metal, fashioned to replicate the weight and feel of the blade. This allows users to practice manipulations without harming themselves or getting in any trouble.

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