Tactical knives are designed to be used for multiple purposes: in the wilderness, at home, during combat, and for self-defense, just to name a few. For example, in the wilderness and you may be caught in a situation when you need to gather firewood for a bonfire. Or while walking outside, you may face a situation when you need to defend yourself against someone in the absence of any other self-defense tool or any help around. A fixed blade tactical knife is a great to have at hand for any of these uses. There are many different brands and models of fixed blade knives, so it may be hard to choose one that will provide the most value for the money. Not to worry, we are here to help. We have preselected top 5 most popular fixed blade tactical knives on the market and reviewed them for you, all in this guide. We have provided our ranking for them, but you can go with either one of these 5 and you will not be disappointed – these are all tried and tested, and you can rely on them in any situation.

Check Out the Best Fixed Blade Tactical Knife.

Use this table to easily compare the top 5 best fixed blade knives:

ModelSizeEditor's Rating
1. Morakniv Companion8.6 inches4.8/5.0
2. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife11.75 inches4.8/5.0
3. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme12 inches4.6/50
4. Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe6.9 inches4.4/5.0
5. CRKT SPEW Fixed Blade Tactical Knife6.25 inches4.4/5.0

Fixed Blade Tactical Knife Reviews: Top 5

1. Morakniv Companion

Morakniv is a Swedish brand of high-quality knives, and Companion is its versatile offering at a very affordable price. You can use it carve some fresh tinder, chop small limbs, thinly slice meat and be your all-around companion at a campsite.

The 4.1-inch blade is made of Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel, known for outstanding edge performance. It boasts sharpness, hardness (HRC 56-58), toughness and corrosion resistance. It stays sharp longer than ordinary carbon steel. The handle features patterned high-friction grip that works well in both cold and wet conditions. It comes with a plastic, color matching sheath that has a drain hole and clip for easy carrying. Companion is available in various colors.

2. Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

The USMC fighting knife is the most popular KA-BAR knife. It was designed to serve World War II troops and has now become an excellent gift for knife enthusiasts or retiring members of the military. The 7-inch straight edge blade is the most famous fixed blade design in the world. It has a gold plated pommel and brass guard.

Constructed with 1095 Cro-van (Chrome and Vanadium) steel, the blade of this knife is sharp and durable. The steel rates at HRC 56-58, just like the one used at Morakniv Companion. The tip is slightly concave on the point, typical of bowie knives. The solid Kraton handle is made from synthetic rubber designed with a protective hilt. The sheath is made of leather with a loop that can fit any size of belt. You can strap it to your leg as well for it has a hole at the point.

3. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme

Trade SCHF9 Extreme is a great addition to your survival kit as it is moderately priced but is a handy “do it all” knife. The versatile knife is the longest on the list at 12 inches overall length. The blade measures 6.4 inches long but is light at only 15.9 ounces. The drop point blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel which makes it perfect for a survival knife. However, it is not stainless so it could be prone to rust. With proper maintenance, you can avoid rust.

The well-designed handle is made of Kraton scales, a hard rubber that offers good grip. It is lightly textured and is ergonomic for comfortable use. The Cordura sheath is also good; it is constructed with a plastic insert and adjustable strap for ambidextrous carry. You can attach it to a belt loop or a strap.

4. Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe

The Ghostrike Deluxe kit is part of the Gerber Ghostrike series which was created to address the need for light and discreet fixed blade knives. The blade is made of 420HC steel that is known for corrosion resistance. It is coated with a black ceramic coating to resist scratches and corrosion. The full-tang skeletonized handle was designed to reduce weight and was coated with rubberized overmold and diamond texture.

The pack comes with a glass-filled ambidextrous nylon sheath. It has belt loops and can be worn horizontally or vertically in a low profile or open carry manner.

5. CRKT SPEW Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

The CRKT SPEW compact knife is created to be a multi-purpose cutting tool. SPEW stands for Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe, a creation of Alan Folts of Florida. It’s a slim design for easy carry and all-around utility. It boasts comfort and versatility, exactly what the designer aims to offer.

At just 6.25 inches, including the handle, this lightweight fixed blade tactical knife is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The plain blade measures 3 inches, with a G10 handle and the blade is Wharncliffe style and is made from Chinese 5CR15MoV steel. It can be used as a discreet self-defense tool because of its light weight – just 3 oz. – and compact size. It also comes with a molded sheath and a lanyard that makes it easy to adjust depending on its use.

Things to Consider when Buying a Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

  • The material is on top of the list when buying a fixed blade knife. 400 steel series blades are inexpensive, but if you consider the price before the quality, you will be in for a disappointment. Although it is easy to sharpen, you won’t be able to put it to work once you need to cut firewood or any other hard material. Blades made of 400 steel series are weak, you can’t even hold onto the edge of the blade when cutting.
  • Single Edge vs. Double Edge. Although a double-edged tactical knife may look cool, it will not serve its purpose well, which is to be used for all kinds of tasks, especially in cutting wood. A single edged tactical knife is your best bet. Its blade is thick enough to be able to take the abuse that it is designed to take. More than a weapon, it is a tool that you can use for just about anything.
  • Tang means the length of the blade. When choosing a fixed blade tactical knife, choose one with a full tang and not one with a partial tang. A full tang blade runs from the tip to the end where the handle meets the blade. A full tang blade is much stronger than a partial one as it allows for a better leverage when cutting through a hard object.
  • Plain or serrated. Knife blades may either be plain or serrated. Although a serrated blade looks tougher, a plain tactical knife is much more beneficial in the outdoors. It can perform the same tasks as a serrated knife but can do better in cutting ropes and wood.
  • Size. Too big and it will hard to handle, and too small and it will not be too good for its purpose. A blade size of between 4 to 7 inches is a good size for a fixed blade tactical knife. Your knife should be longer than 11 inches for it to be suitable for any use.
  • Handle. When choosing a knife, take into consideration the handle. It should have a good grip so that it won’t slip from your hand and cause possible injuries. The handle’s material should also be suitable for all kinds of weather, meaning it should have good moisture absorbency.


Overall, a fixed blade tactical knife is the best choice for outdoor use. Choosing the best one will allow you to use it for longer so it’s better to choose one from the top 5 that we have presented. You can’t go wrong with a knife that has been used for years by hundreds of outdoors enthusiasts and our experts.