As a hunter, you routinely use a hunting knife to skin your kill and prepare it for packaging. Many people prefer a hunting knife that can be used for fishing and camping as well. With so many different kinds of knives to choose from it can be challenging at best to decide which one is the best hunting knife for your specific needs and budget. We have compiled this guide with our top 5 picks for hunting knives to make your choice easier and help you select the best type of hunting knife for your specific preferences, requirements and price range.

Top 5 Hunting Knives

The best 5 hunting knives in our table below will help you to make the best possible decision when it comes to selecting a good hunting knife. You’ll see the pros and cons of each of these 5 knives and will be able to make an educated decision on which knife is the best choice for your specific needs.

Buck Zipper with Guthook knives-4 1/8 inch Guthook 420HC Blade (stainless steel)
-Measures 8.5 inches w
-Weighs a mere 6.6 ounces
-Flat top edge for fingering position
-Ergonomic handle made of textured rubber with brass guard
-Heavy Duty sheath
-Made in the USA
-Forever Warranty
Buck 110BRS Hunter-420HC Steel clip blade measuring 3 and ¾ inches
-Measures 4 7/8 inches when closed
-Weighs 7.2 ounces
-Beautiful Dymondwood wood grain handle with beautiful polished brass bolsters
-Comes with genuine leather sheath
-Lifetime warranty
-Made in the USA
-Locking blade
Case Cutlery 381-Genuine leather handle
-Surgical steel blades
-5-inch mirror polished clip blade concave ground
-Case Cutlery is made in the USA
-There is a limited lifetime warranty
Kershaw 1570 Blur-S30 V Stainless Steel knife
-Stone washed finish
-Ambidextrous assisted speed safe opening system that can easily be opened with one hand
-Easy grip Trac-Tec helps keep a firm hold when wet
-A locking liner will help to hold the knife blade in place
-Reversible pocket clip
-The Kershaw is 7 7/8 inches when fully open and weighs in at 4 ounces
Spyderco Salt I-Ambidextrous tip-up clip
-Bright yellow grip handle
-Lanyard hole
-Hollow ground blade
-4 inches when closed
-7 inches when open
-Weighs in at 2 ounces
-Made in the USA

Reviews of the 5 Best Hunting Knives

Buck Knives Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook Review

#1This Buck knife offers a fixed blade with a textured rubber handle. Reasonably priced under $60 this knife offers both value and quality. Excellent for skinning, cutting up meat and other uses when hunting. Most people who own one say that they wind up buying a few extras because once their friends use theirs they have a difficult time getting it back. The Buck Zipper with Guthook knives are also ideal for camping and fishing purposes. Since they come with a sheath they are easy to carry and keep handy in all of your outdoor gear.

Special Features:

  • 4 1/8 inch Guthook 420HC  Blade (stainless steel)
  • Measures 8.5 inches w
  • Weighs a mere 6.6 ounces
  • Flat top edge for fingering position
  • Ergonomic handle made of textured rubber with brass guard
  • Heavy Duty sheath
  • Made in the USA
  • Forever Warranty

Pros and Cons

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a heavy duty sheath

Only rave reviews for this knife – it’s solid, reliable, and affordable.

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Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunters Knife Review

#2This Buck knife is reasonably priced under $50. You’re sure to love the special features of this folding hunting knife. It’s easy to carry and offers many great features that hunters will love. It’s plenty large for any use yet small enough when you fold it to carry it on your belt or in a pocket. Buck 110BRS Hunter makes an excellent camping and fishing knife as well. Since you can readily fold it up it’s ideal to stash in your tackle box or pocket. Since it’s so affordable many buy more than one so that they can keep a knife in their tackle box, camping gear as well as hunting gear. It’s an ideal choice and very versatile.

Special Features

  • 420HC Steel clip blade measuring 3 and ¾ inches
  • Measures 4 7/8 inches when closed
  • Weighs 7.2 ounces
  • Beautiful Dymondwood wood grain handle with beautiful polished brass bolsters
  • Comes with genuine leather sheath
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Locking blade

Many wonder what the BRS stands for on the knife. It stands for Brass Straight Blade.

Pros and Cons

  • Razor sharp edge so be careful to not cut yourself.
  • No play in the blade and it’s elegant yet simple.

Be mindful that the brass is soft however and it may nick or become dinged over the years. Many state that this just gives it a unique patina and character.

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Case Cutlery 381 Leather Hunter Fixed Blade Knife Review

#3The Case Cutlery 381 knife is reasonably priced under $100. This knife is also ideal as a camping knife. Excellent for kindling and smaller sized limbs in and around your campsite. You’ll appreciate the genuine leather handle of the knife and the surgical steel blades. The Case Cutlery is also an ideal choice for a great fishing knife. You’re sure to find many uses for it in your fishing gear. While it doesn’t fold up, it is very handy to have in your hunting, fishing and camping gear and you can always sheath it so you’ll be safe as you’re rummaging around in your gear.

Special Features

  • Genuine leather handle
  • Surgical steel blades
  • 5-inch mirror polished clip blade concave ground
  • Case Cutlery is made in the USA
  • There is a limited lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons

  • This knife is ideal for hunting, camping, and fishing.
  • The knife is attractive yet functional.

This is a fixed blade knife so you can’t fold it up for storage however, you can place it into the sheath which keeps it safer to have on hand.

This knife ranks 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars in customer reviews.

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Kershaw 1570S30V Blur Knife Review

#4The Kershaw 1570 Blur is priced midrange and just under $100. This folding knife is hand crafted out of S30 V stainless steel and ideal for hunting as well as camping. With specialty features setting it apart from the rest of the knives on this list it’s perhaps the most unique of all. This is another great knife that is very versatile. Ideal for hunting, camping, and fishing you’re sure to have many uses for this great folding knife.

Special Features

  • S30 V Stainless Steel knife
  • Stone washed finish
  • Ambidextrous assisted speed safe opening system that can easily be opened with one hand
  • Easy grip Trac-Tec helps keep a firm hold when wet
  • A locking liner will help to hold the knife blade in place
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • The Kershaw is 7 7/8 inches when fully open and weighs in at 4 ounces

What is the Speed Safe System? This is a common question. The system has great benefits. It ensures that users can easily open the knife by simply putting manual pressure on the thumb stud or the protruding portion of the blade. It ensures that you’re not going to cut yourself trying to open it one handed and it makes for an easier opening blade. Because it requires more dexterity than a switchblade it is legal to carry this knife. It will easily lock into a closed or open position ensuring safer use and carry of the knife.

It’s important to check your specific state laws regarding such a knife. Some states are pickier than others but most states will allow the use of this knife in spite of its similarity to a switch blade style knife. Often mistaken for a switchblade which would make it illegal so if law enforcement stops you, be prepared to explain the mechanism of how it opens.

Pros and Cons

  • A pocket clip is attached that can be used on your pocket (do not use it on your belt, it will fall off and be lost).
  • Easy one-handed opening.

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Spyderco Salt I Plain Edge Knife Review

#5The Spyderco is listed at just over $100 but most online stores carry it for just under $100. Ideal as an everyday knife to carry and use for any purpose from daily use to hunting, fishing, camping etc. If you’re looking for a great knife that is all purpose, Spyderco Salt I is it. You’ll be prepared for any event if you have this knife on your person. While it’s a bit more pricey than some of the other knives on this list, it still has many great features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Special Features

  • Ambidextrous tip-up clip
  • Bright yellow grip handle
  • Lanyard hole
  • Hollow ground blade
  • 4 inches when closed
  • 7 inches when open
  • Weighs in at 2 ounces
  • Made in the USA

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for daily carrying because of its small size.
  • Doesn’t rust or corrode so you won’t have to worry about damaging it if it gets wet.

Must still be properly cleaned periodically but users state that it can wait until tomorrow if you’re just back from fishing. A typical customer review is 4.8 out of possible 5 stars.

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What to look for in a great hunting knife

There are a variety of kinds of hunting knives to choose from. You’ll want to peruse the above-mentioned knives and pick out your favorite points of each knife and keep in mind what you’ll be using it for. Obviously, if you’re going to be using it out camping to cut limbs,  kindling or survival, you’ll want one that will work well for such tasks.

You’ll have to determine if you want one that is folding or fixed and how long the blade is as well. As you determine all of these factors you’ll find that you’re focusing on one or two specific types of knives. From here you can sort it out further by listing the things you’ll be doing with your knife as well as your specific requirements.

You may not find a knife that has all of your specific requirements, but you’re sure to find one that has most of them.

You’ll find hunting knives in a variety of price brackets. It’s important to remember that you’re going for quality which is not cheap here. You’ll have to decide between specific types of blades and styles and each variety will come in varied price ranges. It’s wise to invest in the best possible quality blade you can afford. While a cheaper blade may make sense, you might find that you’re having to replace it. With proper care, your knife should last you for many years or even be of such quality that you can pass it on to your grandchildren. This is an investment worth paying for.

Main types of hunting knives

There are two basic types of hunting knives; those that are fixed and those that are folding. There are advantages to both types of knives. Your preference may depend upon what you will be using your knife for.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of hiking or hunting and carry your knife on your person you may wish to opt for a folding knife for portability. Although you can carry a fixed blade in a sheath, these can sometimes become cumbersome and bulky. A folding knife, on the other hand, can be easy to put into your pocket or place in your backpack. Most folding knives come with a lock that will help you to keep it open or closed and help you to stay safe.

Fixed knives, on the other hand, do have their place as well. They are much easier to clean and you’ll be able to use them easily for cleaning your kill.

Special features

Not all knives are created equal. Once you’ve determined whether or not you want a fixed or folding knife, you may find that you have still more choices to choose from. There are three basic types of tips on knives. Each specific type of tip has its own unique purpose.

There is the “clip point blade” which is concave on the back and has a fine point. This is an ideal choice for small punctures like when you are cutting around the rectal area of your kill while field dressing it. This knife is an ideal choice as a versatile knife for hunting, fishing, and camping. You’ll find that it has many great uses in all that you do and it’s perhaps the most popular choice amongst hunters today.

A “drop point knife” has a convex back that is perfect for skinning and will reduce the accidental puncturing of the hide while you’re cleaning your kill. Drop point works well for dressing your kill, but it won’t work well to clear a campsite or to cut up kindling.

The “modified clip/drop/spear point” is also an option that will work well and offers up the best in clip/drop points.

Some knives come with a “gut hook” that can be used when cleaning your kill. The gut hook will help you to pull the internal organs out without puncturing them (which could affect the taste and the quality of the meat). If your chosen knife does not come with a gut hook you’ll want to be sure and purchase one separately so that you won’t have to worry about it when the time comes to dress your kill.


There are a variety of handle styles to choose from. Wood handles and bone handles are warmer when held than metal handles. Wood and bone handles look very nice. However, many wood and bone handles also have a lot of metal trim that is cold in the winter months when held. Additionally, you can also find synthetic (as in polymer or nylon) handles which give you the best in grip as well as warmth and price.

One safety factor to consider is that the knife should offer you a firm grip as well as a thumb or finger stop or at the very least a contoured handle so that it is easy to hold and grip.

Blade Materials

Not all blades are created equal. Carbon steel or stainless steel blades are the most common blade materials and both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are going to have the time to clean your knife frequently a carbon steel blade may be fine. However, it must be kept clean as it can rust easily. You can give it a coat of wax with silicon and that will help you in maintaining your carbon steel blade. They are also much easier to sharpen and keep sharp than a stainless steel blade.

Stainless steel blades, on the other hand, are resistant to rust. They are thus very popular with hunters who hunt in wet conditions. However, the downfall of the stainless steel is that they are more difficult to sharpen and keep sharp and they are much more expensive than their counterparts.

Our comprehensive guide has given you the tools to decide what will be best for your specific needs. Now that you understand the different kinds of knives, blades, handles and tips you’ll be more prepared to choose the right kind of knife for your specific needs. Whether it be for hunting, fishing, camping or hiking in the backwoods you’re sure to find the ideal knife in our ultimate guide and be able to make an educated decision.