Nowadays, in the world filled with low quality and cheap material products, finding a high-quality knife is a hard task. Products made in the US are high in quality and made by hardworking Americans, so they are a great choice to go with. If you are in the market for a new American made pocket knife, then here are some of your best choices. We have researched the market and came back with 5 top models to help you make a good choice. All the models proudly were “Made in USA” stamp.

Top 5 American Made Pocket Knives

PictureModelPriceBlade Length (inch)Weight (Oz)Blade MaterialOur Rating (out of 5.0)
Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife$$$3 3/47.2420HC 4.8
042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife$$$$2.52.5Tru-Sharp4.9
Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife$$$$3 3/84.08CR13MOV4.7
Leek Knife by Kershaw$$$3.03.114C28N4.7
Schrade Minuteman 2 Blade Pocket Knife$$2.01.0400 Series4.3

Reviews of the 5 Best USA Made Pocket Knives

Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter Knife Review

#1When it comes to American made pocket knives, this high quality folding Hunter is one of the best on the market. It has a 3 ¾ inch 420HC steel clip blade and is 4 and 7/8 inches in length. It is extremely lightweight, at 7.2 ounces, so it fits perfectly into your pocket. The handle is Dymondwood wood grain and the bolsters are made of polished brass. It comes equipped with a leather sheath that is made of genuine leather. The Buck Knives company also provides their customers with a lifetime warranty.

This Folding Hunter knife has a nail notch lock back that makes it very easy to open and close when you need to use it. Its 3 ¾ inch steel blade is perfect for cutting and piercing in hard to reach places. Consumers love the wood grain handles, which are all natural. It has a classic look to it, which all customers seem to admire about it. It is easy to carry because it comes with a sheath made of black leather. Buck Knives want to guarantee your satisfaction, so if you are not happy with the Folding Hunter Knife, then there is a lifetime money-back guarantee and warranty on your knife. Most customers love using this knife for hunting and fishing purposes and find it very useful, mainly because of its razor sharp edge.

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Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife Review

#2The Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife is also on the list of the best American made pocket knives. This is a knife for the everyday working man who needs a reliable knife to perform a variety of tasks. The 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife has an amber bone handle and a surgical steel clip that is made by Tru-Sharp. The blades are made by Sheepfoot and Shey. The bone handle, which is jigged and genuine, comes in a light shade of amber. This makes it easy for you to see when you’re out in the field. It only weighs 2.5 ounces, which makes it easy to keep in your pocket discreetly.

When this pocket knife is closed, it is 3 5/8 inches long. Case offers their customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This would make the perfect gift for anyone in your life that enjoys hunting or that would like an easy to use knife on hand. Many customers enjoy the look of the pocket knife and how it feels in their hand. The sharpness of the stainless steel blades is another plus for knife users. It is the perfect size for your pocket and will not stretch it out or alter it in any way. Many customers even refer to this knife as the “gentleman’s pocket knife.” Even though this Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife is small, it packs a big punch. It is extremely sharp and can be used to perform a variety of different tasks.

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Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife Review

#3The Tenacious Plain Edge Knife by Spyderco has a black handle made of laminate, which makes it comfortable for extended use. Inside the pocket knife, there are steel liners that are skeletonized in order to increase strength and rigidity without taken away the knife’s capability or bulkiness. The stainless steel blade is shaped much like a leaf and is flat from the spine so you get the best possible performance out of this pocket knife. The Tenacious Plain Edge Knife is customized with a round hole and a spine that is textured, so you can quickly grab your knife and perform any task. At only 4 ounces, it is lightweight and incredibly simple to use.

Compared to other knives of the same price, the blade on Spyderco’s pocket knife is made of a heavy steel, which makes for a good slice. Most customers like the drop style and find the thickness of the blade to be optimal. You can adjust the pivot tension easily and customize it to fit just the way that you like it. It retails for about $35 and is one of the best American made pocket knives you find in that price range. The Tenacious Plain Edge knife is best used for camping and other outdoor activities. Various customers have stated that this blade will last for several years without ever having to be replaced. This is a great American-made product that’s perfect for anyone that is looking for a quality knife at a reasonable price.

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Kershaw Leek Knife Review

#4The Leek Knife by Kershaw is an elegant pocket knife with an ambidextrous Speed Safe opening system. Whether you are left handed or right handed, you can open this knife easily. This is a high-quality knife that is best used for fishing, hunting, and any type of working environment where you may need to be able to open your knife with one hand. The handle is made of stainless steel that is bead blasted. It is only four inches long when it is closed so it fits perfectly in your front or back pockets. When it is opened it is seven inches in length and made right here in the USA. It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Kershaw.

Many customers who have used this particular knife love its quality and that it is easy to carry and handle. Some of the users of this knife even said that it was the sharpest and most useful knife they have ever used. It has a razor sharp edge that is almost as sharp as a box cutter. It stays closed, unlike a number of other products of its kind, and only opens when you want it to. It is a small knife that is easy to keep with you at all times. Even though its size turns some people off, don’t be fooled by the size. This Kershaw Leek Knife is one of the best of its kind and can achieve quite a bit, even for its size.

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Schrade Minuteman 2 Blade Pocket Knife Review

#5The Schrade Minuteman 2 Blade Pocket Knife brings a big punch in a small package. It has an old school quality to it, which makes it easy to use and perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight pocketknife with power. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel and is only 2 ¾ inches long when it is closed. This makes it perfect for an everyday carrying knife. Schrade is confident in their ability to manufacture high-quality pocket knives, so they provide their customers with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. You won’t find a knife with this quality in this price range.

The Schrade 2 Blade Pocket Knife weighs only one ounce, so it is lightweight and portable. This is a great knife to keep with you for day to day tasks, such as opening boxes, cutting plastic, and other similar tasks. Most customers state they have had the same Schrade Minuteman 2 Blade Pocket Knife for many years and have experienced no problems with the quality of the blade. This may not be a very big pocket knife, and you may not want to go hunting with it, but for the price, it definitely has a lot of positive qualities. You can purchase one of these knives for under $15, which is a great deal when it comes to American made pocket knives. You do not have to sacrifice quality for the price. It is possible to purchase a high-quality pocket knife without breaking the bank.

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