Your self-defense arsenal need not cost an arm and a leg. Tactical knives are a dime and a dozen. It may seem like a stretch to think that it’s possible to get a knife that is both affordable and of high quality. But it really is possible with the right kind of information. Aside from the price, other top considerations include blade, handle, length, and purpose.

Your purpose and frequency of using the tactical knife are primary considerations that should be evaluated together with the available price ranges for the top cheap tactical knives available in the market. Some pricier models are justifiable because they bring value for money.

In this guide, we have pre-selected and reviewed Top 5 Most Popular tactical knives for under 100 dollars. Pick any of them and you will not be disappointed.

Check The Best Tactical Knife under $100

Summary: Best Cheap Tactical Knives

ModelSizeEditor's Rating
1. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife 9.3/8 inches overall length4.6/5.0
2. Al-Mar Black Mini Sere7 inches overall length4.5/5.0
3. Smith & Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife10 inches overall length4.4/5.0
4. Boker Subcom Pocket Knife4.625 inches overall length4.3/5.0
5. TAC Force Assisted Opening Tactical Knife8.5 inches blade length4.2/5.0

Reviews of Top Tactical Knives under $100

1. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

Civilians can take advantage of this knife that even military people swear by. The numerous applications of this knife make it an instant crowd favorite. The dependability and durability make it the tactical knife of choice even if on a shoestring budget. There are various blade lengths available from 2 to 5.5 inches long.


Sharp, light, and tough for everyday use are just some of the key features of this particular knife model. The lock system is Tri-Ad making it almost shock-proof and ergonomically designed to fit most fingers even under a state of duress. There is guaranteed value for money under $100. For its price range, there are a variety of good things to expect from the Cold Steel Recon 1. There is black Teflon material that constantly keeps it resistant to rush and other impediments during actual use. The G-10 handle also boasts of a solid grip.


Taiwan-made, the 3.5 mm blade thickness is coupled with a weight of 5.3 ounces and 4 inches in length on average. The handle is 5.45 inches in length, with a total length of 9.35 inches. The pocket clip suits both right and left-handed users.

2. Al-Mar Black Mini Sere

This portable knife means business in tactical operations with its no-nonsense quality and design. It does not compromise quality even with its affordable price range.


The Al-Mar Black Mini Sere boasts of VG10 cobalt in its blade, stainless like most steel varieties but blackened for additional style. For its price range, it is the one which is chosen for its ability to resist the most scratches and even corrosion. Double thumb studs and its pocket clip mounted on the top makes it a really portable or easy to carry tactical knife.


The 7-inch long tactical knife from Japan has cobalt VG10 stainless steel blade. The blade comprises 3 inches of the overall length at 0.12 inches thick. It is on the lighter side of the blade spectrum at the overall weight of 3.5 ounces.

3. Smith & Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife

Impressive and multi-featured, the Smith & Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife is more than just a fancy name. It is full of cool features that make it a top choice for tactical knives under $100.


The entire knife is protected by its aluminum handle and is considered valuable with durable carbon in its blade. Aside from the usual features expected from stainless steel bladed varieties like a pocket clip, there is a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker integrated into the make of the knife. This makes it true to its function as a rescue knife. You can bring this knife for play or for work and you will not run out of possible uses for it. Your fingers can reset easily with its ergonomic design that is meant to sustain its usability under all types of environments and circumstances.


The stainless steel aluminum carbon is made of 7Cr17. The entire knife weighs 8.8 ounces and makes it a bit heavier than other knives with good reason. It assimilates the design of a traditional classic switchblade straight from the 1950s. Even if it is made of high carbon, it looks like Titanium because of its design. The discreet pocket clip makes for very easy storage capacity.

4. Boker Subcom Pocket Knife

Great things come in small packages even in the world of tactical knives, as the Boker Subcom Pocket Knife is keen to prove. At less than 2 inches of blade length, it boasts of both power and affordability.


Black stainless steel of AUS-8 make and versatile thumb studs for both right and left handed tactical users are its key features. The nylon fiberglass handle ensures a very solid grip with an easy carrying feature pocket clip.


The entire length of the knife is just 4.625 inches, but it is a length well-spent on crafting strength and quality packaged with value for money. The blade length is 1.75 inches long and 0.08 inches thick. The edge is serrated and makes for an interesting appearance and more incisive cutting power. The handle length is short at 2.75 inches and is comprised of PRN materials.

5. TAC Force Assisted Opening Tactical Knife

Both field operatives and civilian collectors may have a field day with this tactical knife.


The handle is a G-10 composite with a thin design that matches the 420HC carbon stainless steel. Black oxide coats the blade for additional protection. You can adjust the pocket clip three ways and works best with your belt while you are on the go.


The knife with 8.5 inches overall length and blade that’s 3.5 inches long hails from Portland, Oregon. The blade is made tanto-style with some serration for slicing and cutting operations even on the toughest of materials. The resistance to corrosion and lowered reflection during operation is attributed to the black oxide coating. The lanyard hole adds to its carrying capacity as well as its safety switch plunge lock, in keeping with Gerber-assisted knife standards. At 4.3 ounces in weight, it also has a lifetime warranty.


High-quality knives need not cause a huge dent in your pocket. These tactical knives are all under $100 and attest to the fact that you can make an informed decision on your tactical knife under a tight budget.

However, do not be afraid to shell out a considerable amount in exchange of good quality in knives because they will last you a long time. The ideal tactical knife is still not just the one within your price range but also the one that matches your needs and fits your requirements like a glove.

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