Through the engraving and personalization pocket knives, you have a great way to make sure you have a knife like no one else. You can have almost anything you want to be engraved on knives; from “I love you” for a spouse, to “Happy Birthday” to a child that is coming of age. There is not a better gift to receive than a personalized pocket knife. If you’re an outdoorsman, then the importance of a good pocket knife is equivalent to a bullet to a gun.

Everyone needs a good pocket knife, and there are plenty of occasions to buy a custom pocket knife for someone. If you know someone who is getting married, then you could buy them matching engraved pocket knives as their wedding gift. How about your child? On the first day of scouts, you know they are going to need a good pocket knife; you could get them an engraved pocket knife to celebrate the big day. It’s something they would always remember when they opened the knife, and maybe it would be something that one day they could pass down to their child on their first day of scouting. There’s nothing worse than getting a gift you’ll never use or need. With custom pocket knives, you don’t have that problem; you can carry it with you all of the time, and there are a variety of uses for it.

Best Pocket Knives to Engrave and Personalize

There are many different types of knives out there, from small ones to large ones. The best way to figure out what you need is to think about what it’s for. What will you be using it for? Will you be hunting, fishing or just using it for everyday uses? Think of these questions when trying to select the perfect pocket knife to get engraved. There are so many choices out there, so here are a few that are not only good for gifts, but also for engraving.

Spyderco Dragonfly

#1The Spyderco Dragonfly is a small pocket knife with major cutting ability. It has a 2 and one-quarter inch VG-10 steel blade. It is only 5 and a half inches long in total and weighs only 2 ounces. It’s a perfect knife to carry around for everyday use. This knife will work and perform like a larger tool. Spyderco is well known for their unique design on the blades. They make some of the best knives in the world. They are all about the quality and design of their knives, making them some of the most sought after knives in the world. This is another knife that would be a great gift for anyone. It can be engraved on the blade as well as the handle. The price on this knife is great and you know when you buy a Spyderco that you’re buying one of the best there is.

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SOG TW18-CP Twitch 2

#2The SOG Twitch 2 is an attractive and easy to use knife. It has a straight blade with an aluminum handle. It has an AUS8 stainless steel blade and a strong reliable blade locking system. It also has a hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle. SOG is a company that was made of the elite joint military group designed to handle covert operations. These knives are known for their style and performance, they showcase innovation and dependability and are very popular among law enforcement as well as the military. This is a perfect knife to get engraved. They are tough and great in harsh conditions. You can give the Twitch 2 to a son, friend or relative going into the military as a thank you gift. It’s something they will love and always keep with them. This knife says perfect in so many ways when engraved – it just screams flawless.

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Kershaw 1660 Leek

#3The Kershaw 1660 Leek is one of the best knives on the market. It has a 3-inch blade made of stainless steel, and the handle is also made from. This knife is razor sharp and almost indestructible. The blade opens smoothly with a little thumb pressure on the torsion bar. It weighs only 3.2 ounces so it’s perfect to carry around in your pocket. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This is a five-star knife with a great price. This knife is made by a very well respected company that’s been around since 1974. They know how to put together a well-built knife and they have several knife awards. Their dedication to quality is what made them a worldwide leader in the knife industry. This is a perfect knife to engrave and give out as a gift or to engrave and keep for yourself. A knife like this would be hard to give up.

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Victorinox Classic SD

#4The Victorinox Classic SD is a Swiss Army knife. This is a must have pocket knife for any outdoorsman. It measures 2.3 inches long and weighs less than one ounce. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and many features, including a pair of scissors, a blade, a nail file, a screwdriver tip, a toothpick and metal tweezers. This pocket knife has all you could ever need as a hiker, camper, fisherman, or hunter. It was designed and made with the outdoors in mind. It’s the perfect knife for any user. You would never need another tool while carrying this knife. It’s perfect for engraving; you can have up to 30 letters engraved on the shield side of the handle. It makes the perfect custom pocket knife for our scouts, so consider this as their first engraved pocket knife.

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Where Can You Engrave a Pocket Knife?

You can have blades or handles (or both) engraved. Most blades can be engraved with block or script letters. Block letters may contain upper/lower case letters or all capital letters. Script style must have upper and lower case letters. You can have either one of the two block or script letters engraved on the blade or handles.

How Many Letters Can be Engraved on a Knife?

The answer to this is that it depends on where you are getting it engraved. Usually, you can have up to 30 characters on the blade (depending on its length and size). If you’re getting the handle engraved, then you can usually only have up to 15 characters. The handle also has to be flat and made out of wood or metal; other materials cannot be engraved easily.


Different Engraving Methods

There are two different ways to have your knife engraved, rotary and laser. Which is the best way? Let’s look at the difference in between both of these methods.


Rotary engraving is also known as mechanical engraving. It’s the process of using a spinning cutter to engrave the knife. This is done manually or by machine. It’s the oldest method of engraving. The cutter must follow a pattern by hand. It’s a difficult process that only a skilled professional could do after many years of practice.


Laser engraving uses a focused beam of light to make cuts and markings. It fires pulses of light and is done by a machine. It has a beam that goes back and forth over the material to make the image of what’s to be marked. This is a new technology way of engraving; it’s faster than the old method of rotary engraving. It still takes a master’s touch to create such beauty on metal.

These are the main ways that engraving is done today. Choose a method and get that special someone a gift they are sure to love an engraved pocket knife. It’s the only way to give a gift like no one else has given (other than these). There are several places you can get engraving done. Choose the words you want, write them down, and send it in; you will have the finished product in 5-14 days. Engraved pocket knives are getting more popular by the minute, so it may start to take longer for some companies. Some places may have a waiting list, but it’s well worth the wait to see the eyes of the person receiving it light up.

Now you have the general idea of engraving and personalization of pocket knives. The next question is, what’s the most suitable knife for engraving?

Now you have a little more knowledge on engraving pocket knives. Get out there and get the perfect gift for yourself or for your loved one; we can all use a good knife. Make your gifts amazing by getting them engraved or personalized.