Special for The Ladies: Top 3 Best Pink Pocket Knives

Women need to protect themselves from potential danger just as much as men do, if not more so. So many women these days are putting away the mace and taking out the pocket knives. There have been a number of different designs and pocket knife styles that have been created especially for women who are looking for a new weapon of choice. Even though they may be pink and have pretty designs on the outside, they are built just the same as a man’s pocket knife. So it is important for women to know what to look for when purchasing a pocket knife.

Top 3 Pink Pocket Knives

If you want an idea of some of the best pocket knives available for women, then keep reading below for some useful information. Women need knives too and some manufacturers are already ahead of the game. Here are some of the best pink pocket knives available today. 

Wartech Tactical Spring Assisted Rescue Knife

#1Wartech Tactical Rescue pocket knife available for women is an 8.5 inch assisted open tactical pocket knife with a surgical steel blade. It is pink and has a marijuana leaf design on the handle. It comes equipped with a glass breaker and cord cutter on the handle of the knife. This is the perfect rescue knife to have with you during emergency situations. It is made surgical-grade steel so it is built to last you many years. It may be an inexpensive knife but it is actually very high in quality and surprises a number of customers when they receive it and it is actually in great condition.

The blade is fairly sharp when you receive it but you may want to take a knife sharpener to it for it to be super sharp. It is made with a very sturdy plastic that almost feels like a thin metal material. This Wartech rescue knife has a spring assist that is attached but it needs to be pressed with a little bit of force in order to get it all the way open or closed. It is a little bit heavier than most knives that are made for women, but it is also sturdy and will last quite a long time. This is a great knife to keep in your purse in case of an emergency. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and still have easy access to it.

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Spyderco Native Lightweight Plain Edge Knife

#2Spyderco is known for their high-quality knives and this one is no exception. You are going to pay a little more for this one than you would a typical knife but some of the proceeds are going to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength so I would say that is definitely worth it. It is made with a hollow ground blade that is manufactured with stainless steel and cutting edge material. It comes equipped with a tough back lock mechanism ensures security and safety. You can get a firm grip on Spyderco Native pocket knife due to the fact that it is made of fiberglass and nylon that is molded by injection.

Spyderco always make an awesome product so you won’t be disappointed with this one. This pocket knife has a good grip that is comfortable and perfect for smaller hands. This knife can be used to cut tapes, ropes, and carpet. Once you purchase this pocket knife it will soon become your weapon of choice. It is crafted just for a woman, lightweight and easy to handle. This Sypderco pocket knife is quite small and lightweight in the pocket but is actually a bit heavier when it is in your hand. This is a great choice for any lady who is looking for durable, strong, comfortable, and cost-effective new weapon. It is even pretty and pink but do not let looks deceive you, it can really do some damage.

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KA-BAR Dozier Mini Folder Knife

#3KA-BAR is doing something similar to what Spyderco is doing with their knives which is making a donation to a breast cancer research charity. The proceeds to the purchases of this pocket knife will go towards research in hopes to find a cure for the disease. Bob Dozier is the designer of this Mini Folder Knife and he has designed some of the best pocket knives in the business. It is made with a straight edge 2 ¼ blade and is made with stainless steel. Even though this knife is low in cost, it is actually is a high-quality knife, especially for the price. It is great to use for cutting boxes, plastic off of tags, as well as loose strings. It is much smaller than the standard Dozier so it will fit easily into your purse or pocket. For a knife that is under $20, it is surprisingly sharp and easy to use.

It may be hard for some women to flick this one open quickly, but that may be okay for some, as most women do not want to flick a blade out too fast anyway. Put a little mineral oil onto the hinge and that should loosen it up fairly quickly. Many customers purchase this knife for their wives and daughters as an extra security measure in case of an emergency. Some husbands bought it for their wives so that they can open things easier. Whatever the reason, this is a great choice for any woman and the proceeds go to a good cause.

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Guide to choosing the best Pocket Knife for Women


The first thing that anyone has to decide when they are purchasing a new pocket knife is how many blades they want it to be. There are single-blade pocket knives as well as multi-blade pocket knives. A single-blade knife focuses specifically on the length and design of a much larger blade. A multi-blade knife is geared more towards the idea of combining more than one blade for heavy-duty tasks. The multi-blade pocket knife is built for the multi-tasker in all of us. Most of it simply depends on what you prefer.

Multi-tool or not?

It is also good to decide whether you want a multi-tool knife or a Swiss army knife. Both of these have more than just knives that are attached to them. They traditionally have corkscrews, scissors, magnifying glasses, and girls are always in the need of a good nail file. These are really good objects to have during camping trips, road trips, or long vacations. They can get you out of just about any jam or situation and they are usually fairly small in size. If you need a little bit of everything then one of these would be a good choice for you.


You should also be sure of what size knife you want to carry. Most women choose to carry a fairly small blade knife as to be able to carry it in their pocket or purse, but it depends on preference. You never want to purchase anything you can’t handle or access quickly during an emergency. In this case, a Swiss army knife or a pocket knife no bigger than the palm of your hand would suffice. If you are ever attacked, you do not need to kill the person, you just need able to enough damage to get away quickly.

Those are just a few of the factors a woman should consider before she purchases a pocket knife. They can be pretty on the outside but they are still going to pack a punch on the inside. Some of the best pocket knives for women are not just stylish but are customized so a woman can have easy access to it.