4 season tent usually refer to winter tents. Winter tents are wind resistant and have the ability to withstand heavy snowfall. What’s more, they come equipped with an extra rigid exterior, and steeply angled sides.

When looking for the best 4 season tent, you want to pay attention to versatility, portability, the shape of the tent, the angle of the tent walls, its wind resistance, rigidity, and internal space. The best 4 season tent has excellent ventilation and prevents any frost buildup that could occur due to the weather conditions. They should also be waterproof to keep all of your gear safe and dry.

4 season tents are great to have when you might be the type of person that loves to camp year round. They can hold up to different weather conditions and provide ample storage to keep all of your possessions safe and dry and out of the elements.

Before buying your very own 4 season tent, you should consider the following:

Single Wall vs. Double Wall

  • A double-wall tent puts an extra layer of material and protection between yourself and the elements. The inner material is waterproof but still breathable. Double-wall tents are stronger than single wall and can withstand the worst weather conditions.
  • Single-wall tents are easier and faster to set up and can easily fit into smaller camping environments. They are also a lot lighter to carry than a double-wall tent which makes them the better option for shorter camping trips.

Pole Design

The pole design is what determines the strength of the tent. The number of pole intersections, along with the materials, how many clips are used, and what the diameter of the pole is all contributes to how stable the tent will be. You want strength and durability with an easy to set design that will be able to protect you from any elements.

Top 5 Best 4 Season Tents

Hillman 2-Person 4 Season Outdoor Camping Tent
hillman 4 season outdoor camping tent

The Hillman 2-person, 4 season camping tent is made of a double layer silicone and is ultra light. It has nylon grid cloth and is waterproof so that all of your gear will be safe and dry, like yourself. The silicone fabric is tear resistant and improves its waterproof performance. It is the best tent to have when you are stuck in severe winter weather conditions. Its design makes it anti-wind, anti-rainstorm, anti-sediment, breathable, and perfect for all kinds of weather conditions.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $2007.1’ x 9.2’ x 18”20D waterproof layer, ultra light, powerful insulation design, stable, aluminum tent pegs, four corners with rain cover, reflective material for night use, waterproof double stitching, high-density nylon and copper rings

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Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tent

luxe tempo 4 season tentThe Luxe Tempo 2 Person, 4 season tent is perfect for camping and includes two vestibules that provide extra storage space for your gear, and the vestibule doors can be either wholly or partially open. One of the door mesh layers can only be opened from the inside to provide you with added security and privacy. The reinforced tent corners can sustain any wind or pull, and the welded corners will help ensure that both you and your gear stay nice and dry.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $15043.3” x 55.1” x 82.6”Made of durable fabric, water resistant, reinforced crosshatch pattern, excellent insulation, fully sealed breathable canopy, large double-layered screened doors for ventilation

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Geertop 4 Season, 2-Person Tent

geertop 4 season tentThe Geertop 4-season, 2-person tent is a waterproof dome that is perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, and climbing and offers an easy setup. This tent also has a snow skirt for winter use and is made of a high-quality and waterproof material that provides anti-rain and UV protection. It can withstand the wind, rain, snow, and sediment, and is extremely durable and stable.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $15045.28” x 82.68” x 102.36”Aluminum poles, anti-tear checkered polyester, seam taped, strong, durable, plenty of storage space, versatile, affordable

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Semoo 3-4 Person, 4-Season Camping Tent

semoo 4 season camping tentThe Semoo 4 season tent can comfortably fit up to four people at a time, is extremely lightweight, and comes with its own carrying bag for increased portability. The tent’s material consists of polyester with polyurethane, polyamide, polyethylene, and fiberglass. It includes a roomy vestibule where you can find ample storage for all of your gear and other essentials and the inner tent material provides adequate ventilation. It also has a 2-ply design for adequate rain protection.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $100122.1” L x 94.5” W x 51.2” HLightweight, plenty of storage, water resistant, good ventilation, pole pockets for easy setup, high-strength fiberglass frame

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Guide Gear Teepee Tent

guide gear teepee tentThe Guide Gear Teepee Tent is a little different than the other tents that have been covered in this article. It has an old-fashioned design, but that does not take anything away from its versatility and durability, as well as the strength to hold its own against an array of different weather conditions. It is constructed of heavy duty and waterproof polyester which makes it capable of withstanding wind and precipitation. Due to its design, it provides ample moving space inside, and the center steel pole adds to the durability of this spacious tent. It also has rain-protected ventilation and multiple ground air vents. This particular tent is large enough to accommodate up to six people.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $10010’ x 10’ Waterproof, ample space, air vents, peak-style construction, covered mesh windows, lightweight

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There are so many tent options available on the market today. If you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for while comparing the many 4 season tent options available, have you considered a different kind of cold weather tent? Perhaps it is smaller and easier to carry, or it fits your criteria a bit better when looking for a tent to use during the cooler months.