Backpacking tents are convenient for any shorter duration trips and can even prove to be the best tent for Burning Man Festival you may be considering attending. Like with any tent purchase, there is a variety of points that should be considered before selecting the best tent for you.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying your next backpacking tent:

  • How many people will you use it?
  • What kind of weather conditions can you expect during its use?
  • Is it affordable and lightweight enough?
  • Where does it fall on the comfort and convenience spectrum?
  • Does it offer any or all of the features you may be looking for?

All of these questions come down to capacity, seasonality, weight, livability, and affordability. You want to find something that is lightweight and compact enough so that it is easily portable while being sure that the setup and take down process is straightforward and easy. Most backpacking tents are specified by their capacity category, or how many people can fit inside the tent comfortably. Remember, the sizes and materials vary from brand to brand, so they might not all mean the same thing. It is best to choose a tent that fits one more person that you expect so that you are ensured to have all of the space you will need.

Mountaintop Waterproof 3 Season Tent
mountaintop waterproof 3 season tent

The Mountaintop 3 season tent is perfect for any outdoor camping environments. It can hold two or three people and is a backpacking tent, so it comes with a carrying bag for convenience and portability. It has waterproof oxford layers and an automatic glass fiber pole frame, so it is suitable for most weather conditions, including keeping you and your gear dry during a rainy day or night. It includes a rainfly, and it can also be used as a wayside pavilion with the groundsheet, fishing awning, and canopy.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $10084.6” x 84.6” x 53.1”Rainfly, high-density mesh for inner layer, waterproof oxford for floor, aluminum tent poles, air pressure spring-loaded poles, so it only takes seconds to set up

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Yodo Lightweight Camping Backpacking Tent
yodo lightweight camping backpacking tent

The Yodo backpacking tent is a lightweight tent that can comfortably accommodate two people. It is made with a water-resistant polyester PU coating and includes a rainfly vented roof, durable glass poles, metal stakes, and a convenient storage bag. The door has a zippered two-way mesh window and the large mesh sidewall vents at the top. It is ideal for backpacking, scouting, outdoor camping, hiking, and fishing.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $5078” x 55” x 43”Rainfly, vented, two-way mesh window with zipper, lightweight, easy to set up and take down in just minutes, water-resistant

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Winterial Backpacking 3 Season Tent
winterial backpacking 3 season tent

The Winterial 2 person tent is constructed in a way to ensure easy setup while remaining lightweight and easily portable. This tent features a rainfly vented roof, durable metal tipped tent poles, screen, and solid zippered door. It is the perfect companion for any outdoor camping trip and is very compact when folded up. The interior is big enough to fit an air mattress and also has a waterproof bottom and two-layer door.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $5076” x 60” x 42”Easily portable, carrying case, compact, lightweight, waterproof, quick assembly, two-layer door

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Bryce Ultralight Tent and Footprint

bryce ultralight tent and footprint

The Bryce Ultralight Tent has a two person capacity and is perfect for backpacking, kayaking, and camping. It is lightweight and comes in at just under four pounds. It has two-way inner and outer zippers, mesh pockets, back vent with a kickstand, pole repair splints, taped seems, waterproofing, and twelve Y-stakes and guy lines. It is flexible, durable, and saves you from having to tote around excess weight and baggage.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $2006’ x 6’ x 17.5”Rainfly, rip-stop polyester, fine mesh, aluminum alloy adjusters, factory tapes seams, stuff sacks, UV, and water resistant

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MaxMiles Ultra Lightweight Tent
maxmiles ultra lightweight tent

The MaxMiles Ultra Lightweight Tent is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. It is under three pounds in weight and is made from high-quality silicone-coated nylon. It can be setup and taken down in just minutes which allows you more hiking time in the long run, and it is ideal for up to two people. This tent also has an interior lantern hook, as well as wide storage pockets. The silicon nylon also allows it to be waterproof and sturdy. It easily fits into any backpack for easy and light transport.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $2005.12’ x 5.12’ x 15.75”Ultralight, silicon coated nylon, waterproof, light aluminum poles, sturdy and durable, plenty of storage space, quick and easy setup and take down

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While the last two tents featured were the highest price of all of them (a shave under $200) the other more affordable options were just as lightweight, compact, and convenient for any trip. They all fit into a supplied carrying case or your backpack, and the setup and take down time is relatively quick and easy.

If you had to find cons with these tents, it would be hard. Evaluate criteria such as storage space, weather conditions, and the number of people you will need the tent for. In some cases, where no strong wind or rain is involved, you won’t even have to use the rope and stakes to put up these tents.

You have finally made it through review after review of every tent that you could desire for a numerous amount of different environments and situations. Coleman happens to be one of the top-rated tent brands currently on the market.