Camping can get messy and finding a secure and private place to shower may prove to be difficult unless, of course, you find a best camping shower tent, so that you can have the private enclosure you have been looking for Best Camping Shower Tent which is portable and convenient for any outdoor camping trip.

Now that you have taken the time to explore your portable heater options, it is time to look into even more gear that is available to make your camping trip even more comfortable and memorable.

There are several different kinds of shower tent heating elements available:

  • Battery powered – uses a battery to heat the water
  • Propane powered – provides fast and easy access to hot water
  • Solar powered – heat your water with the power of the sun

There are pros and cons to each kind of shower tent and the heating method used, so you should weigh up your options before deciding on which would be best for you. For example, if you would prefer to shower under the cover of night following a long day of hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activity, then a solar powered shower tent is not the right decision for the time of the day you intend to use it.

Shower tents are extremely versatile and are ideal for camping trips and even trips to the beach. They can be utilized as a private toilet area, shower, or changing room. Most are quick and easy to set up and take down. There are many different sizes available from oversized to single person shower tents.

All of the products are incredibly affordable and reasonably priced. They all come in at under $200, and they are portable, versatile, and durable. The biggest con would be the size of the space at the top for the shower wand. Some are also extremely lightweight, and in windy conditions, may prove to be a real handful trying to keep it in position.

Top 5 Best Camp Showers Reviewed

Texsport Portable Deluxe Camp Shower Shelter
best camping shower tent reviews

This five-gallon shower tent is solar powered and includes a mesh shower rack inside of it with a removable hanging towel bar on the outside. It is large and employs a zippered D-style door with heavy-duty polyurethane-coated taffeta walls and rainfly with a removable rip-stop polyethylene floor. It is also rustproof and has mesh roof panels to provide proper ventilation.

The only con to using the solar powered shower tent is simply that it can only heat the water during the day while the sun is out. It is perfect for anyone wanting to shower during the day, but you should reconsider it if you plan to use it at night, following a long day.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $10087” H x 4'6Rustproof, chain-corded steel poles, mesh roof panels, flame retardant, portable, lightweight, polyurethane coated, molded pole joints

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Ozark Trail 2-Room Instant Shower/Utility Shelter

room instant shower utility shelter

This extremely durable polyester and steel construction shower tent makes a good companion on any outdoor camping trip. It has aluminum-coated walls that provide complete privacy, and a removable rainfly is included. It is quick to set up and also uses solar power to heat the five-gallon capacity water.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $2007’L x 3.5’W x 7’HAluminum coated walls, polyester and steel construction, removable rainfly, quick setup

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Leapair Instant Pop-up Privacy Tent

leapair instant pop up privacy tent

The Leapair Pop-Up Privacy Tent is easy and quick to set up and start using and is collapsible and lightweight for simple portability. It is made with a high-quality waterproof taffeta and nylon polyester. It has mesh roof vents for ventilation and its coated fabric blocks UV rays. It is perfect for showering, using the restroom, or even for changing at the beach.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $501.57 m x 24” x 24”Removable floor mat, rainfly, carrying bag, easy set-up and tear down, collapsible, lightweight, durable

The biggest con to this type of shower tent is that most users were not able to fit a five-gallon shower bag inside of it. It was also less than sturdy in extremely windy conditions, but it is perfect for quick set up and collapse use, and it comes with a convenient storage bag for better portability and manageability.

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Stinky Pete 1 Person Deluxe Shower/Toilet/Changing Room Tent

deluxe shower toilet changing room tent

This versatile and multi-use tent is only large enough to fit one adult, but its many deluxe features which make it a contender for one of the top five best shower tents available. It is suitable for any recreational camping setting. This shower tent is free standing and includes a rain fly, and a polyethylene floor.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $1004’ x 4’Steel poles, polyethylene floor, polyester wall material, rain fly, slot at the top of the tent for a shower wand, two zippered windows

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ZODI Outback Gear I. Hut X-Large Shower Tent

hut x large shower tent

The ZODI Outback Gear Shower Tent is designed to provide full privacy so that you can comfortably shower outdoors on your next camping trip. It has a wide-body design that provides plenty of space and over sized mesh pockets to hold all of your incidentals. It spans almost six feet at the top going straight across opposed to the usual tepee shape you see for the majority of shower tents; this makes it comfortable for anyone to use while having the extra space to be able to move around more.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $10011.8’ x 2.4’ x 2.3’Extra large with more space, over sized mesh pockets, overlapped door and auto-shut springs, detachable floor, easy to clean, easy and quick to set up

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Shower tents come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and the features for each vary. You can choose your own water heating method, and, in my search, I have found that the most popular heating method is the use of solar power for five gallons of water. Detachable floors make the shower tents easier to clean and maintain. Their portability and affordability make them excellent additions to any outdoor trips where you may find that you need a little extra privacy.

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