A good cold weather tent means that you are comfortable, secure, and protected from the elements in a tent that can withstand whatever nature throws at you. If you arrive unprepared for camping in extreme and cold conditions, your trip could well turn out to be more miserable than memorable.

Space heaters are available for use in tents. Most of them are run off of propane tanks and have safety features to prevent them from overheating or starting a fire. A space heater is an excellent addition to any cold weather tent. It adds to the comfort of the environment without overwhelming the space.

There are 3 and 4 season tents available that can withstand the harsh winter conditions you may have to endure. 3 season tents are not as structurally stable as 4 season tents. While they can withstand some snow and cold, they are not recommended for cold conditions because of the lightweight material. 4 season tents have windows and vents that provide ventilation while maintaining maximum protection. Cold weather tents are referred to as 4 season tents. The following reviews include both tent designs, however.

Camping in the winter means that there is an entirely different set of criteria to look for when purchasing a tent that can keep you warm and dry during cold weather, opposed to a well-ventilated tent during the summer that is designed to keep you cool. Choosing the right cold weather tent is vital to the success of your next cold weather camping trip.

Kinds of Cold Weather Tents Available

  1. Dome-Shaped Tents
    • Lighter in weight
    • More compact
    • Easier to carry
    • Can still withstand high winds in exposed areas
  1. Cabin-Shaped Tents
    • Mostly used during milder winters
    • Perfect for families
    • Ideal for shorter duration camping trips
    • A bit more expensive
  1. Other Important Aspects to Consider
    • Zippers – If you have a larger tent, you will most likely want more than one entry and exit point. When placing the tent, try to keep the wind’s position in mind, so it won’t blow directly onto the zippers.
    • Poles – Flexible and foldable poles are always good to have. You also want to be sure that the poles are made of either fiberglass or aluminum so they are durable. Aluminum poles, however, can withstand more bending before they break than the fiberglass poles.
    • Materials – You should always find a tent that is made of high-quality materials, and with cold weather tents, you want to be sure it is a waterproof material, and suitable for insulating your tent. Polyurethane is good for water resistance and coated fabrics, such as silicon are breathable, and add strength to the tent.
    • Rainfly – Keep the rainfly attached to the roof to help stabilize and trap some of the heat inside of the tent to improve comfort levels.

The Top 5 Cold Weather Tents

Coleman WeatherMaster Hinged Door Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster Hinged Door TentThe Coleman WeatherMaster Hinged Door Tent can comfortably sleep up to ten people and has a hinged door that provides quick in and out access. It can be easily setup and includes color-coded poles and continuous pole sleeves. It employs the WeatherTec System which includes welded floors and inverted seams to help keep water and snow out.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $20031’ x 11.9’ x 11.8’Holds up to ten people, durable TC fabric construction, waterproof WeatherTec system, color-coded poles, has ample room to stand and move

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High Peak Outdoors Base Camp 4-Season Expedition

high peak outdoors base camp

The High Peak Outdoors Base Camp Tent can comfortably sleep up to four people and it comes with stakes, a rain cover, and a carrying bag. It has vestibules for storage and two sets of double doors, as well as cross ventilation with closures on all vents. This tent also comes equipped with aluminum poles, is shock-corded, and provides an easy and fast set up.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $200108” x 84” x 52”Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, easy and fast setup, cross ventilation, storage space, two sets of double doors, speed-clip setup

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Winterial 4 Person Tent

winterial 4 person tentThe Winterial 4 person tent is a 3 season tent that is perfect for almost any camping or hiking trip. It is lightweight and compact when folded. This tent includes a rainfly vented roof, two durable aluminum tipped tent poles, and solid zippered doors.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $10085” x 85” x 52”Lightweight, has a carrying bag, easy to set up and can fit an air mattress, it is made of nylon and has a waterproof bottom and two-layer door

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Alps Mountaineering Taurus

alps mountaineering taurusThe Alps Mountaineering Taurus Tent has a freestanding two pole system that employs fiberglass poles. It is easily assembled and has pole clips that snap over the tent poles. The polyester material helps block harmful UV rays and damage, and the floor seams provide the best weather protection. This tent has extra large zippers that contribute to making entering and exiting the tent that much easier, and you no longer have to struggle with faulty zippers.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $10046” x 60” x 90”The fly has additional vents for improved ventilation, fiberglass poles, mesh storage pockets, a tent bag with drawstring, gear loft, aluminum stakes, guy rope, repair swatches, multi-pass urethane coating

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Mountaintop Waterproof Camping Tent

mountaintop waterproof camping tentThis Mountaintop tent is breathable, waterproof, anti-tear, and moisture-proof, and is suitable for camping, hiking, road trips, fishing, parks, beaches, and even indoors. It can accommodate two adults comfortably and can withstand rain and high winds. Both the inner and outer portions of this particular tent are superposed together, and the inner tent can be taken out.

PriceDimensionsKey Features
Under $60Not SpecifiedLightweight, waterproof, easy to assemble, durable, fiberglass tent poles, tear-resistant, breathable, polyester floor

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Cold weather tents are the perfect option if you only intend on camping during the cooler months of the year. Are you taking your family with you on your next camping trip? If so, there are many larger tents available that can accommodate families while not compromising comfort.